Blue Eye Make Up Look For This Festive Season

Hi everyone,

In this video I will take you through a blue eyeshadow look. Now I have always observed that the colour Blue on the eyes, is quite a hit among Indian women. They happen to very organically gravitate towards Blue.

And I’d say usually everyone has at least one item of blue in their makeup vanity - that could be a blue eyeliner, an eye pencil, an eye shadow or a mascara. 

So lets just play with our favourite eye colour here. Now again there are several shades of blue to choose from - There’s royal/ cobalt blue, turquoise blue, light & dark shades of blue, my favourite navy blue.

And of course blues inspired from the nature like aqua, sky blue, sapphire blue and the list goes on.

I had done a video on blue smokey eye I think around two years ago and was not too happy with it, to be frank. But I guess one’s way of doing also makeup evolves over a period of time so I hope that its much better in this attempt :) Also, nothing looks prettier than beautiful eyes, so if you are looking for some easy home remedies for very common problems associated with eyes, take a look at our previous article

Do watch the video right until the end to see the finished look. You can opt for something like this during this festive season & the wedding season that kicks in soon. 

You can achieve this look with any other shade of blue too, the techniques remain the same.

And like always, I repeat -  you can use any products of your choice as long as their quality is good.

Here are some pictures from the look -

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