Facial Massage- Benefits, Best Technique & How To Do it at Home

An ancient therapeutic technique, a facial massage with soothing herbs and oils is highly recommended by Ayurveda. Moreover, it is considered as the most accessible way of showering some self love. Factors like pollution, stress, overall health, food habits and more affect the health of our skin. Our facial muscles and nerve points respond very positively to a soothing massage and that's why we all feel immensely pampered. Not only a facial massage relaxes one instantly, it also has many healing and age defying benefits. Although professionals recommend a face massage at least once a month with organic and high quality ingredients (look here for some inspiration), lack of time may be a hindrance. We recommend incorporating a 5 minute self facial massage daily in your beauty routine to enjoy many benefits. Do try and follow professional facial massage steps for maximum benefits.

Not convinced? Wait till you look at the many benefits a facial massage offers. You can also use a tried & tested face massage tool after consulting a professional.

Helps Keep Wrinkles At Bay:

A facial massage helps increase blood circulation and oxygen flow to the facial muscles and skin. Therefore, this helps keeping signs of wrinkles at bay. Moreover, it also encourages the development of collagen that in turn helps keep the skin firm. A face massage is definitely good to keep wrinkles away.

Natural Face Lifting Properties:

A regular soothing facial massage helps tone the facial muscles while giving you better results for whatever product you choose to use for the massage. Better product absorption means your skin gets all the goodness from the product. Just like stimulating body muscles is important to maintain fitness levels, a facial massage helps contour facial muscles.

Releases Stress 

Emotional or physical stress over a period of time take a toll on our facial skin too. The pressure created by the massage technique helps in releasing stress caused due to headache or neck-tension.

Promotes Smoother Complexion

Facial massage helps boost circulation and promotes smooth and even complexion. Increased blood flow and that happy glow are possible with just a 5-10 minute daily massage.

Releases Toxins

Factors like pollution, stress, irregular food habits lead to accumulation of toxins. A facial massage stimulates the facial muscles and lymph nodes. These lie just below the surface of the skin. A face massage releases congestion caused due to accumulated fluids and toxins. The increased flow of oxygenated blood helps in many ways.

If you are looking for an easy answer to "how to massage your face for glowing skin" read this:

Always keep your facial massage movements gentle & upward. Start from the chin area to forehead and from the center to your face to the edge of your face. For the neck area, do the opposite by moving down the sides of your neck towards your collarbone to aid detoxification.

People prone to extremely oily skin can check with their dermatologists before starting the routine. Use a very light oil like Argan oil for a 5 minute massage & remove the oil from the face gently with a warm face cloth. 

Organic virgin coconut oil and almond oil calm the skin and addition of few drops of neem/tea tree oil help boost the immune functions of the skin.

Add a few drops of essential oils like lavender or chamomile to enjoy a calming effect on the skin and overall being. Adding Moroccan rose essential oil helps fight ageing.

For extremely dry skin, a 50:50 mixture of organic castor oil and jojoba oil can be used. If one can source, avocado oil is good too. Take a look at our earlier blog to know more about using natural oils for hair, skin and overall health here


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