Beauty Benefits of Moroccan Rose Essential Oil

With one of the most exquisite aromas, roses have been used in beauty rituals for centuries. Essential oils extracted from roses are widely used in aromatherapy, skin care and to solve health problems under expert supervision. A few popular ones come from Morocco, Egypt, Bulgaria, Iran, Syria and more and are associated with love and sensuality. Pure rose essential oils are highly priced due to their immense popularity in the perfume industry and large number of flowers required to make tiny quantities of essential oil. Pure rose oils may take upto 10,000 flowers to yield a quantity as small as 5 ml.

Today lets know more about Moroccan rose essential oil that is extracted from the petals of Rosa  centifolia and has a slightly sweeter scent than other rose oils. Kalaat M'gouna, a region in Morocco  famous for the "Festival des Roses" that celebrates the season of roses every year in the month of  May is also the centre for production of Moroccan rose essential oil. France is another region that grows Rosa centifolia.

Here are some benefits of using Moroccan rose essential oil:

Promotes emotional and reproductive hormone health.
Suitable for sensitive, dry and aging skin

Helps fade scars and stretch marks


Improves your mood

Good Moisturizing Properties

Treats and prevents acne

Here is how you can enjoy the benefits of Moroccan rose essential oil by including in your beauty routine. Pure Rose oil is so potent that minute quantities are recommended.

Put a drop of rose oil in your body lotion and apply liberally all over your body. Once a week enjoy this ritual post a full body scrub to enhance the benefits. Here are some easy body scrubs that can be made at home.

Put a few drops of rose oil in a carrier oil like jojoba oil and enjoy a body massage. Follow with taking steam, here are some benefits of enjoying steam regularly.

To treat acne, mix 2 drops of rose oil in multani mitti and little natural aloe vera gel. Apply all over face and let dry. Wash off with lukewarm water and spray some rose water on your face.

To lighten skin complexion, apply a thin layer of natural aloe vera gel, one drop of rose oil and little turmeric all over face and neck. Keep for 10-15 minutes and wash off with warm water.

Want beautiful hair that smell of roses? Mix 2-3 drops of rose oil with Argan oil and apply all over hair with gentle massaging movements. Leave for couple of hours and wash off with mild shampoo. Spray your hair with rose water and let air dry for added benefits. To know more about the benefits of Argan oil, read here.

Lets us know what is your favorite way of using rose essential oil in your beauty regime. Follow with a cup of rose tea


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