10 Things You Should Know Before Trying IVF Treatment To Get Pregnant

Couples are nowadays caught in a dilemma. On one side there is an incomparable joy of experiencing parenthood. While, one also has to consider added responsibilities. Thus, expanding your family is one of the biggest decision you shall ever make. Although, once you make up your mind, wanting to have a child and not being able to get pregnant is heartbreaking. Many of you all may have heard of In-vitro-Fertilization or IVF process, one of the most common infertility treatment. And, if you are considering it or know of someone who is, here are things you should know before trying IVF treatment to get pregnant.

Do your research:
Ignorance may not be bliss in case in you are opting for an assisted reproductive technology such as IVF treatment. Although, thorough understanding of the process may prepare you, the actual process still may seem baffling. Moreover, healthcare plans may not cover the treatment. One should make an appointment to understand the success rate of clinics & choose wisely.

IVF treatment is very costly:
The cost per IVF cycle is extremely high & some part of it depends on where you decide to undergo  treatment. Even in India, average costs range from INR 190,000 to INR 250,000 per cycle not including diagnostic testing, minor surgical procedures, medications & related expenses. The financial burden puts a strain on many couples & add to the stress. Be prepared for a few sacrifices once you decide to start IVF process. For example, a couple undergoing treatment in Mumbai shifted base to Ahmedabad due to the clinic's higher success rate & economical costs.

IVF process is time consuming:
Once you decide to undergo IVF, be ready for the amount of time the treatment shall take. Usually, you visit the clinic on the first/second day of your period for a few tests and an ultrasound. Moreover, you receive a prescription for birth control, which should be taken for about two weeks. After that, you take injections for a prescribed amount of time. These shots help your body to produce more eggs. The eggs are then retrieved by a minor surgical procedure and fertilized. Mostly, half a day of hospital stay is involved at this stage. Next, you wait for results once fertilized embryos are implanted in your uterus.

IVF success rate:
The statistics of the treatment's success rates are confusing. Do check the live birth rate per treatment with the clinic. Moreover, even after a positive pregnancy test precautions are required. A couple can feel completely relaxed only when they hold their bundle of joy in their arms. The treatment, even though costly, comes with no guarantees.

IVF treatment is a roller coaster ride
You many be considering IVF treatment after already undergoing a time involving ovulation cycles, follicular study & monitoring body temperatures. And this process may end up being equally taxing. The mood swings induced by hormones injected in the body add to the stress you may feel waiting for the outcome. At any rate, do not shy away from asking help from family & friends. Also, take care of yourself & do things that you love. If possible, try spending some time cultivating a new hobby or meditate to calm nerves.

Yes, age is an factor:
Though science has made progress, the success rate of IVF is also dependent on the age of the female partner. Do review your complete medical history with an expert & ask for a honest opinion. Studies show, the chance of success with donor eggs is better if the age of female partner is more than 40 years.

The treatment affects relationships:
I remember talking to a friend going through IVF, who spoke about how she distanced herself from expecting moms in her family & friends with kids. Granted that, you may love your friends/family but attending social occasions like baby shower, naming ceremonies can be taxing. Moreover, many couples experience a strain on their relationship during the process.

Lack of proper counseling:
There is little counseling available for couples who face failure. Internet articles can be equally confusing with a never ending list of do's & dont's. Research for a good expert in the field. Furthermore, look for someone who can spend adequate time with you reviewing each failure. For the amount that the treatment demands, counseling should be a definite part of the process. Moreover, look for support groups that shall help you stay positive during your treatment.

IVF required patience:
Though you may start your first cycle full of optimism, only a lucky few get positive results immediately. Moreover, the failure may have a profound effect on many. The treatment requires you to be patient with success at end of multiple cycles. But, do communicate with your better half throughout the process. The decision to stick it out or stop the process should be a mutual one. And, do consider taking a break in between cycles. Above all, do not forget to spend couple time doing things you really like.

Staying Positive Helps:
Easier said than done, but true. Throughout your treatment, surround yourself with people who can make a positive difference. Indulge in things that can bring peace & joy. Join a yoga class, travel, learn something new. Also, try not to remove your frustrations on your partner or loved ones. A child may bring happiness in future but your present is important too. Consider alternative therapies like Ayurveda & Homeopathy if the need arises.

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