Oriflame The One Disguise Eau de Parfum- Review, Price & Where to Buy

Perfume is like personal magic. For many, it helps build a first impression. Also, a well chosen perfume helps make a lasting impression. A fun quote talks about how romantics recollect the scent of their loved ones & not the handbag they carry. Hence, a good perfume helps put a lasting touch to your style. Recently we tried The One Oriflame Disguise Eau de Parfum & want to share why we liked it.

Choosing a perfume is quiet personal. Some love a light fragrance. Whereas, some may choose a lingering scent. And than there are notes to consider- woody, musk, floral, fruity & more. However, we love choosing a bold fragrance that lingers from dawn to dusk. The One Oriflame Disguise Eau de Parfum is a bold fragrance. Packaged in bright red, the perfume intrigues & demands a closer look.

In addition, the glass perfume bottle comes decorated with red triangular spikes. A fruity-floral fragrance, the perfume lingers through the day. The most prominent notes notes are of raspberry & vanilla. Moreover, subtle hints of rose make the perfume pleasing. But, the sweet scent of vanilla may not be liked by a few who opt for woody fragrances.

Priced at INR 2,499 for 50 ml, The One Oriflame Disguise Eau de Parfum is a good addition to your personal grooming kit. The price may be a bit on the higher side for a few but the lasting power of the perfume is a great plus. Moreover, it is easily available with Oriflame distributors as well as online

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