8 Ways Bollywood Shows How To Get The Fashion Game Right

If ever in need of do's and don't's of fashion, there are plenty of Bollywood references which are ever handy. There's literally so much out there - 
There are fantastic creations which are designed entirely for the red carpet but often do not resonate with our everyday lifestyles or wardrobe choices.
Then there are outfits which are designed specifically for camera and look better only on screen.
And of course occasionally there are some fashion faux pas moments which tell you what not to do ever in your own personal choices. 

Having said that - by and large, most celebrities have styling teams in place. These teams comprise of dedicated group of professionals who help them look like the way they do. They not only style them but also help them make wiser fashion decisions.

Lets check some of these looks which not only pass the test of time but also fit in the definition of "sustainable fashion"

(All images are from Instagram accounts of the respective celebrities, designers, brands or fan pages who's names are mentioned within the pics)

1. High Impact With Minimums

Let's safely assume that everyone owns one black shirt in their wardrobe. (If not, invest in one! It is a wardrobe essential).
The look above is about an effortless black shirt combined with simple yet distinct accessories. Make up is almost nude & hair tied up.
Lets also safely say that this look cannot ever go wrong or ever become passé. 
Hence if ever in doubt or faced with dearth of options, swing in a black shirt and spice it up with some accessories. An old technique that will never fail.

2. Denim On Denim

Count denims among your most faithful tribe of friends as denim in any form - jeans, shirts, jackets or dresses will stay with you for long. Denims are weather friendly (except when you are in the hot sun.) The look with denims can be enhanced with a wide range of accessories.

The most critical part which sadly many people get wrong is choosing the right fit for their respective body type. A well fitted denim is a complete game changer hence choose your denims wisely.

3. Plain Janes are the Prettiest

Let Karisma Kapoor tell you how to make "effortless", look uber cool. Put together a simple t - shirt with a striking lip colour & a pair of sunglasses. Set the manes a bit and splash some good vibes - And you are good to go darling! Like really good to go!

4. Styling Game On Point

The Kapoor sisters seldom get it wrong.
Karisma in loose pants, layered tops & classic black shoes. Kareena in jeans, a fuchsia pink top and tan coloured boots.
How tough is this to pull? How good it eventually looks?
You have the answers :p

5. The Classic Solid Colour Dresses

These dresses speak more than the text we type here. 
So if you have an event at hand, a classic solid coloured dress is a wise option. Solid coloured outfits are generally versatile as they come with wider styling options, hence their repeat value is more.
One important (and sadly ignored) area to bear in mind is what you wear underneath - The inner wear or the lingerie. The bras have to lend the correct fit with no straps showing. Underwears have to be seamless with no visible panty lines. Corsets (if you choose) should be fitted and comfortable. Because if what you wear inside is not right, what appears on the outside may not be that fancy. 

6.  Bring out those Sarees

Sarees form a world of their own - always available in regional, traditional, timeless, modern, light, heavy & countless other categories 

The floral print Sabyasachi saree worn by Katrina Kaif is a classic & a timeless one. A print with simplicity and beauty both at their best. Something reminiscent of the era our mums wore sarees in, like the 70's /80's. Such pieces don't go out of fashion. 

The second one is a Satya Paul saree worn by Sobhita Dhulipala. It is a mix of traditional designs with a modern twist. Her styling with a statement neck piece completes her look.

Last is a Manish Malhotra creation. I mean just look at it. Who thought grey could look this stunning against the traditional favourites from the bright & metallic families.

Most people shy away from wearing sarees for the fear of draping it right. The last minute panic attacks make many hesitant. But practising how to drape one is the only way to crack the process. Needless to say, there are numerous videos on YouTube patiently explaining & showcasing how this beautiful piece of fabric gets wrapped around the right way.

7. BLING it on !!!

The liquid gold sported by both these lovely ladies - Karisma in a dress & Vidya in a saree, is goals all the way. Bling looks go wrong when combined with wrong/excessive jewellery or loud make up. Try sticking to that one prominent colour and allow it to make the way forward.

We particularly liked this colour blocked saree on Vidya Balan by Payal Khandwala. Amazing how two contrasting colours creatively put together, make all the difference.

8. Colour Block Fearlessly

Speaking of colour blocking, this opposite choice of colours on Deepika is a combination to keep in mind for future references. Black & White combined with anything bright makes for a good palette of colours.
(For those who don't know, Colour Blocking is a process of pairing opposite colour types thereby creating striking & interesting combinations.)

9. Make a Statement with your shoes

They say that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their feet and in all honesty a good outfit combined with a not so good pair of footwear can ruin the entire look. Hence the importance of wearing smart footwear. They could be basic, easy on the pocket & cheerful. There's so much to choose from so make you pick :)

Hope some of these pictures help. Share your interesting fashion stories in the comments below. 

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Cheers :)


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