Simple & Easy Beauty Tips To Sail Through The Rainy Season

Most of our personal grooming choices are made keeping the weather in mind. And the same choices change, the minute the same weather transitions to hot, cold, humid, rains or sometimes snow.

Lets talk about rains since that's what we are dealing with at the moment. Honestly there's not a drastic change one needs to make in the hair & skin department. Just being a little mindful & careful about a few pointers could help you sailing. If you looking for some handy tips tostay fashionable in monsoons, read this article

Here are a few simple & easy tips for the rainy season - 

1. Continue using SPF

Just because the sun is not shining in full glory does not mean that it is not around at all. Continue using the sunscreen and keep your skin protected.

2. Smell good

One of the most underrated issues in monsoons is of odour that stems out of dampness. Clothes do not dry appropriately and then that foul smell transfers from the clothes on to the body. Use  & carry a deodorant or a body mist/ spray and try keeping your items & yourself as dry as possible. If you are looking for a perfume that stays through the day, check this

3. Use an appropriate Moisturiser

As mentioned earlier, skin could get dry or oily depending on the climate outside. It's not surprising that many suffer from dry skin during rainy season, So moisturise based on how your skin is behaving. Using a good quality organic moisturiser is a great way to ensure you are on the right track for a rainy day skincare routine.

4. Wear Waterproof makeup

You could go less on make up but try using waterproof makeup. Even though you may not come under heavy showers, but at least you avoid the risk of makeup running or smudging.

5. Cleanse & Cleanse

Not just your skin, but the entire body attracts dirt with humidity & pollution. Wash your face at least twice a day and more if it gets exposed to rain water.

Similarly wash your feet if you have walked in dirty water. Sometimes feet are the biggest carriers of germs. For some awesome tips to flaunt attractive feet, read this blog

6. Keep your scalp clean

Lastly keep your scalp clean. Regularly shampooing the hair is good enough. Hair could become frizzy so you could use a serum to smoothen them out. Even hair masks help in cutting the frizz and adding shine.


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