Rhassoul Clay Benefits & How To Use For Glowing Skin, Healthy Glossy Hair

Confused by the varieties of natural clay available in the skincare market that promise you glowing skin? Besides, do you often think about ditching your shampoo & using natural clay for healthy glossy hair? Often featured on spa menus all over the world, all natural clay face masks & body wraps offer treatments to numerous skin woes. Moreover, remember the quick multani mitti face packs applied as a quick T-L-C over the weekends? Let's know more about rhassoul clay, mined in the Atlas mountains of Morocco that will elevate your self care rituals by a notch. In this article we shall cover rhassoul clay benefits & how to use it for glowing skin & healthy glossy hair.

Like our ancient ayurveda beauty treatments that rely on herbal powders for skin, hair & body care rituals, natural clay can do wonders if added in our beauty routine. However, finding out the right type of clay for you is very important! Over a series of articles, we will talk more about the different types of clay & how to use them effectively. With this in mind, let's today talk about rhassoul clay.

What is rhassoul clay exactly:

A naturally occurring clay, rhassoul also known as ghassoul clay has existed for around 1400 years. The clay forms an essential part of bridal offerings in Moroccan culture. Moreover, known for it's cleansing healing properties, it is used by well known spas, especially hammams around the world. Furthermore, derived from the Arabic word Rhassala, the clay has ability to draw out impurities from skin and hair. The pinkish/light brown tint is due to the presence of trace minerals. In contrast, stay away from highly processed rhassoul clay powder that many be deprived of its benefits.

What are the benefits of rhassoul clay:

- The active compounds present are quickly absorbed into the skin. The external application of this clay helps keep skin soft and smooth.

- It helps improve skin firmness

- The clay is rich in natural minerals like silica, iron, magnesium, potassium and trace minerals.

- The clay is suitable for all skin types including acne- prone & sensitive skin.

- It can be easily used as a facial scrub & does not irritate sensitive skin

- Helps remove blackheads 

- In it's natural form, it is free of additives & other toxic industrial chemicals.

How to create your own DIY rhassoul clay mask at home:

Combine with organic rose water to make an easy D-I-Y face mask. If you have dry skin add a few drops of soothing argan or jojoba oil to the mix. Moreover, do avoid metal spoon to mix as it may absorb the minerals in the clay.

More more T-L-C make a soothing body wrap & apply all over body.

Rhassoul clay for acne:

Application of this clay is beneficial to clear acne. Due to it's highly absorbent properties, it helps to remove dead cells and excess sebum, major contributors to acne.

Rhassoul clay for healthy glossy hair:

Make a thin paste of clay made with filtered water. Damp hair, divide into section & massage well.  However, you can apply on roots avoiding the entire length of hair. Keep for only 10 minutes. Rinse  hair with lukewarm water. Don't leave it on more than a ten minutes as you don't want to dry hair out.

Where to buy rhassoul clay:

The clay is easily available across many online beauty portals

Potential side effects of rhassoul clay usage on your skin or hair:

Although, safe to use externally, clay usually can dry your skin. Do a patch test to rule out allergies. However, limit your usage to once a week for best results.


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