Quarantine Birthday: Few Ideas To Make It A Fun Occasion

BIRTHDAY in a middle of a global pandemic is unusual. Moreover, there are many unfortunate things happening around the world & all of us are left wondering "What will happen over the coming months?" I braced myself for a low key celebration in 2020 due to the current Covid-19 situation. Although, used to spending the day surrounded by loved ones, this year it was going to be different. And guess what? It turned out to be even more special. So if you are destined to a quarantine birthday, here are a few ideas to make it a fun occasion.

Breakfast In Bed:

Nothing spells I-N-D-U-L-G-E-N-C-E like a delicious breakfast in bed. Besides, with many of us saving time that would be lost during our daily commute, it can be used to enjoy a unhurried breakfast. I started my day with a hot cup of tea & poha (a dish made with beaten rice) served along with some fresh flowers by mom. Although, I would have loved this indulgent treat, while checking into my favorite Airbnbs in Mumbai, this was as best as it could get :-)

As we sat around reminiscing childhood memories, the simple dish was no less than gourmet breakfast. Enjoy a dish you love- hash browns, cheese omelette, wraps or a smoothie & share it with loved ones.

Bake Your Own Cake:

Currently, there are tons of videos on Youtube that show you how to bake a simple cake. Try your hand at baking a birthday cake. Decorate the cake with ingredients in your pantry. Get creative with chocolates, cocoa powder, nutella, peanut butter for decorations. I made a cake with Oreo biscuits, milk & baking powder.

For frosting, whip the cream from the biscuits with little milk till smooth. No piping bag? Just fill the frosting in a zip lock bag & punch few holes with a toothpick.

Sprinkle some M&M's & sing "Happy Birthday" :-)

Make a Family Lunch:

As we get used to spending more time home bound, family lunch/dinners have become special. Get into the kitchen and make something together with loved ones.

Since it's the mango season, get creative with a mango dessert. How about a chilled mango phirni to pleasure those taste buds?

Connect With Multiple Friends:

How about ditching what's-app for once & connecting with multiple friends via Zoom or a similar platform. Choose a time & invite friends to log in. Talk, chat & share fun moments spent with each of these friends.

Create a Music Playlist:

A birthday celebration is incomplete without music. Choose you favorite party songs & create a kick-ass playlist. Dance to the music & feel the positive vibes change everything around you. However, do remember to turn down the volume so it does not disturb others.

D-I-Y Pampering Session:

Look up a few easy D-I-Y beauty recipes & indulge in a 5 min manicure/pedicure. In addition, enjoy applying a soothing face/hair mask & feel pampered. For a few easy ideas of how yo pamper yourself with simple ingredients, click here

Don't Forget To Dress Up:

Ditch those PJ's for something more glam. Remove your best outfit & put on some make-up. Moreover, click loads of pictures. Years later, these pictures will help remember your special day spent in the most unusual manner. For an easy radiant summer make-up look, watch our earlier tutorial

Donate to Charity:

Although, this is voluntary, a good deed may make you feel good. Choose a charity like the PM CARES Fund that deals with any kind of emergency or distress situation, like posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Alternatively, sponsor a care package for your gated community's housekeeping/security staff.

I spent my quarantine birthday having fun while maintaining social distancing. From receiving awesome messages the night before, calls from friends from all over the world and the biggest gift- my FAMILY doing those little little things that matter the most...I felt blessed. Moreover, remember to stay safe & positive....its time to Quaranshine :-)


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