Styling A White Outfit Look With Accessories

 How do you style a White Indian Kurta?

Have styled one so many times before, yet each time it feels as exciting and as new as the first time. That is mainly because one is instantly free to choose any colour, style, shade, shape of their choice to mix and match (& sometimes juxtapose) with a background colour that is so simple & inclusive.

In this blog, I have shared a few ways in which I like to style a white outfit with a bunch of accessory options.

So if you plan to embrace some #white this festive season, (and even thereafter) here’s something for you.

Have attached the pictures below, I have a detailed video on my IGTV on Instagram, have linked that below too :)

Look 1 

Oversized earrings seldom go wrong. Just opt for a bold statement piece & your look is nearly complete.

Look 2

If you wish to take a break from metals, opt for coloured stones. Throw in a pop of colour. Most colours when combined with white, look good.

Look 3

If oversized jewellery is not in your agenda, opt for smaller pieces. A good quality piece will always stand out & make its presence felt.
You can add a creative twist with your pendants. Instead of wearing them with gold/ precious chains, loop them with your regular string chokers & create a look of your own.

Look 4

Antique (or even antique looking) pieces are timeless. Simply don something like these if you are in a mood for some old world charm.

Look 5

Silver jewellery is versatile. From college wear to wedding wear to festive wear, they fit in with most occasions. All you need are the right pieces. 

Look 6

Get creative with colour combinations, stack up colourful bangles & literally get your hands full :)

Do watch the entire video in detail, have linked it below  - 


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