Milk Powder Beauty Benefits For Healthy Glowing Skin

Love even-toned healthy glowing skin? Moreover, are you fed up of using multiple beauty products to get rid of blemishes and enjoy a healthy complexion. Wouldn't it be cool to find an easy solution from our pantry that is effective for many beauty woes. Used widely to make instant sweets and for hot beverages, did you know that milk powder can be added to your beauty regime? As a matter of fact, milk powder is a wonder ingredient that has multiple beauty benefits. Let's look at milk powder beauty benefits for healthy glowing skin.

The lactose present in this ingredient helps get rid of blemishes revealing a clear complexion. Additionally, one can also use it to cleanse skin. Although do note that, consumption of fresh milk is advised over milk powder.

Can milk powder lighten skin?

Yes, it has natural exfoliating properties that help lighten skin when applied topically. 

How can I use milk powder to make my skin fair?

Make a face pack with milk powder & saffron to enjoy fair skin without any harmful effects of chemicals. Mix a few strands of saffron to a thick paste made with milk powder & water. Let the strands soak in this mix for sometime. Now, apply this rejuvenating face pack to your face & neck area. 

Additionally, if you have oily skin add two-three drops of lemon juice to the face pack. Further, apply organic rose water to tone the skin.

Can I apply milk on my face overnight?

Applying it overnight may not be advisable as it may lead to skin irritation.

Milk powder face pack for tan removal:

Want to get rid of sun tan? Apply this face pack made with milk powder & orange peel powder. Add a few drops of honey to soothe irritated skin due to sun exposure. Further, repeat this at least twice a week for results.

Milk powder and turmeric face pack:

A healthy face pack brimming with anti bacterial properties. Make a thick paste with milk powder & water. Furthermore, add a pinch of turmeric to this mix. Apply this face pack topically & relax. Moreover, during winters add a few drops of virgin coconut oil to this face pack to combat winter dryness.

Milk powder lemon and honey face pack:

A great way to get rid of dark skin spots, blemishes & moisturize skin. Make a thick paste with milk powder & water. Further, add a few drops of lemon juice & honey & mix. Apply on face & neck area. Relax with these herbal waters for complete TLC.

Side effects of milk powder on face:

Although, there are no known side effects of applying it on face, people with sensitive skin should check with dermatologist before application. Also, over application may lead to enhance skin sensitivity. Hence, do practice moderation.

What are your favorite beauty hacks with milk powder, do tell us in the comments section.


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