Natural Homemade Body Scrubs Using Fruits & Vegetables

Love that fresh glow on your face after using a scrub? Not only does a good scrub helps get rid of dead skin cells but also encourages new cell growth. Moreover, suing natural scrubs leave your skin smelling oh, so good! So, why not pamper your body too? As a matter of fact, often we end up with those 5 minute showers during hectic week days. It's time to pamper your body with a spa like experience at home with these natural homemade body scrubs using fruits & vegetables. And these scrubs are so easy & pocket friendly to make, you are going to love them!

However, do remember to do a patch test on a small skin area before indulging in these scrubs to rule our allergies. Although, organic variety is preferred, do wash the regular variety thoroughly before use.

How to use a body scrub?

Use body scrubs on clean washed skin. Take enough quantity and apply all over body in circular motion. Additionally, pay attention to rough areas like feet, elbows, knees. Keep the scrub on for 5-6 minutes. Wash off under shower.

What goes first body wash or body scrub?

A good body scrub works only on clean skin. Hence, wash off with soap/body wash and than apply a body scrub. 

Banana, milk powder and oats body scrub for normal skin

A super easy fruit scrub that can be easily made at home. Mash a ripe banana, add milk powder & some ground oats to make a paste. Further, add some milk if the paste is too thick. Wash off with regular soap/body wash and apply the scrub all over body with circular motions. 

Moreover, this can also be one of the best fruit scrub for face and can be applied for instant rejuvenation.

Banana, lemon juice and honey body scrub for oily skin

Lemon juice can work wonders on oily skin. However, it is better to mix it with soothing ingredients like mashed ripe bananas to reduce skin irritation. Add some lemon juice and honey to mashed ripe bananas & make a thick paste. Further, add some lemon peel powder. Apply the scrub all over and wash off after 5-6 minutes. 

Orange peel powder, gram flour (besan) and milk body scrub

A great homemade body scrub for whitening. Mix some orange peel powder with gram flour. Next, add milk to make a paste. If you would like, add a pinch of turmeric to this scrub. As a matter of fact, the anti bacterial & skin brightening properties of turmeric help the skin glow. 

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Tomato, yogurt & oatmeal body scrub for de-tan

Had fun under the sun? Get rid of stubborn tan with this scrub. Make a paste of tomatoes. Next, add some yogurt and ground oatmeal to make a thick paste. Apply all over body and keep for 7-8 minutes. Scrub gently with circular motion and wash off under shower. However, repeat this at least 2 times a week for results.

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Cucumber, yogurt & lemon body scrub to refresh

Nothing refreshes like cool cucumbers. Make a paste of cucumbers and add to gram flour. Next, add yogurt to make a paste. If you have oily skin add lemon juice. 

Is it good to use body scrub daily?

Natural homemade body scrubs made using fruits & vegetables can be used daily after a patch test to rule out allergies. If using store bought variety, do check out the types of body scrub and their ingredients thoroughly before use.

How many minutes should I scrub my body?

Usually, 4-5 minutes of scrubbing is good enough to get rid of dead skin cells & encourage new cell growth

Do try these natural body scrubs and tell us which one worked for you!


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