How to Use Sesame oil for Glowing Skin & Shiny Healthy Hair

Tired of trying multiple creams for healthy glowing skin? Maybe it's time to include natural chemical-free facial oils in your beauty routine. Moreover, oils like sesame work in multiple ways healing dry damaged skin & preventing acne. Also, applying sesame oil provides instant hydration to skin as well as hair as it penetrates easily. Let's see how to use sesame oil for glowing skin & shiny healthy hair.

Used across Indian kitchens for daily cooking, this oil has multiple health benefits too. However, today we shall cover sesame oil beauty benefits for skin & hair. 

Sesame oil benefits for glowing skin & healthy hair

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How to use sesame oil for glowing skin:

Hydrate skin:

Dry, dull skin is a no no. Due to presence of fatty acids in sesame oil, applying it topically helps hydrate the skin. As a matter of fact, it penetrates deep & also heals rough areas like elbows & knees. Application of organic sesame oil daily also helps keep skin smooth & supple.  Furthermore, if you find application of facial oil sticky during the day, try replacing your night cream with facial oil. To this effect, after cleansing apply few drops of organic sesame oil all over your face & neck area with gentle massaging movements. Next, wipe off excess oil with a tissue after 10 minutes. 

Sesame oil for skin tightening:

The high zinc content present in this oil helps in collagen production. Moreover, the presence of antioxidant known as sesamol, helps prevent early onset of fine lines & maintain skin elasticity.  Massage you facial skin daily with organic sesame oil in gentle, upward movements to enjoy healthy younger looking skin.

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Helps fight minor infections:

Minor skin infections & cuts can be easily healed by applying this miracle oil. In contrast, sesame oil is very underrated for this purpose. But, the anti bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties help heal minor skin infections. Studies show that regular sesame oil application also helps prevent acne. So if someone asks, "Is sesame oil good for face?" the answer is yes!

Sesame oil anti aging benefits:

Adding sesame oil to your diet helps delay premature aging due to it's antioxidant rich properties. Further, the vitamin E present helps keeping the skin smooth & supple by preventing early onset of wrinkles.

Sesame oil for skin whitening:

It's not a myth that sesame oil can be used for skin fairness. However, it does not directly lighten the complexion directly. The oil helps remove facial dirt, reduce pore size & smooth complexion. Add a few drops of this organic oil your regular scrub & exfoliate. In addition, applying a thin layer of sesame oil before stepping out in the sun helps prevent sun damage, one of the most biggest cause of skin darkening.

Which oils lighten skin? 

Sesame oil including argan oil & almond oil when applied topically, help lighten skin. This oil can be safely used to massage the body & face without any side effects. Further, adding a few drops to your regular face cream can also prove beneficial.

Can we apply sesame oil on face daily?

Yes, organic sesame oil is safe to use on face daily. However, we recommend you do a small patch test before daily application

Sesame oil for hair:

This oil when applied to hair helps combat hair fall, premature greying & heal dry damaged hair. 

Sesame oil anti bacterial properties for scalp:

The anti bacterial properties present helps keep the scalp healthy. Further, sesame oil helps prevent minor bacterial infections & control sebum production. Excess sebum production can lead to oily sticky hair that may break easily.

Helps in hair growth:

Massaging sesame oil helps provide nourishment to the scalp. Moreover, it helps improve blood circulation that promotes hair growth. Also, it's applications helps make hair strong & less prone to breakage. Hence, sesame oil for hair growth is one of the most important benefit.

Prevents sun damage to hair:

Just like our skin, excessive exposure to sun damages our hair too. Sesame oil when massaged into hair, helps combat this problem. Further, it provides a protective layer on our hair, reducing sun damage due to UV rays. 

Helps prevent premature greying of hair:

Stress, hereditary and environmental factors lead to premature greying of hair. The anti-oxidants & vitamin E, present help reverse the condition. Moreover, the hair darkening properties help restore the natural hair color.

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