9 Wardrobe Options To Beat The Heat In The Summers

Summers are upon us making it that time of the year to slip into comfortable, airy, breezy, breathable clothing. It is also a wonderful time to sport those summery colours & pastel hues which go perfectly in sync with the hot weather.

Lets have a look at some casual, "easy to do" options to welcome the summers.

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1. Light Whites are always a saviour

Whites not only tend to pass the tests of all seasons & climates but also bring in a sense of relief duringe summers. Within this, styles like off shoulder tops, cold shoulder tops, tube tops or simple t - shirts make great options that can be paired with denims, linen pants, trousers, skirts & any other bottoms of your choice.

Apart from the colour white, other light colours, neons, pastel shades are wonderful alternatives too.

2. Breathe with tank tops

Tank tops not only look sexy but also meet the clothing ventilation requirements of the heat. Wear them as they are, under light jackets or style them with your favourite stole & you have a quick look ready.

3.  Embrace Indian Wear with as much Love

Why wait for festivals, family functions & traditional occasions to embrace Indian wear when clearly there's so much to choose from in terms of colours, styles & patterns. Wisely picked outfits feel comfortable, look chic & can help in getting past the heat.

4. Bring in some floral cheer

Florals are reminiscent of a natural landscape - something that may not be enjoyable in summers but definitely feels wonderful when draped around in fabric. Floral prints are forever. So dive into some floral pieces. They definitely bring in some mood cheer.

5. Get experimental with prints

Apart from florals, prints & designs of different kinds (abstract, geometrical, traditional & many more) add to that summer vibe. PRINTS are a good departure from solids and help in breaking the monotony that creeps in sometimes.

6.  Chic Summer Evening Wear

Evening wear is always fun and something we always look forward to when the occasion arises. Investing in some timeless statement pieces can help elevate your personal style game.

7. Light Cotton tops with loose denims

Demin lovers who just cannot imagine living out of their jeans can depend on some light cotton tops with their favourite pairs of denims. Lets face it, summers also bring in air conditioning in different places & venues (especially public ones) & while denims may not be exactly summery, they are good for places with moderate heat.

8. Do give those sarees a chance.

Yes, why not! Why reserve sarees only for occasions when they can be worn in all seasons. Simply drape  a saree in a lighter material and bring in that versatility.

9. Kaftaans

If you are looking for an overtly comfortable silhouette, then kaftans are your thing. They work in the hot humid weather & rank high in ease & style, both.


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