10 Easy Homemade Skin Brightening Scrubs for Fresh & Gorgeous Skin

In this era where ‘time is money’, taking out time to visit a salon is a big ask! Furthermore, we all would rather wait for a holiday or the weekend to plan a visit to the salon. Moreover, we want some hassle free, easy to perform, quick-yet-effective beauty treatments that can be applied at home itself. 

Of course, the most sought after treatments include the skin brightening home remedies. Here are some very effective skin brightening scrubs that can be made easily at home with common kitchen ingredients. In addition, these are completely natural and do not contain even traces of any chemical. Preparing these won’t take too much time and are very cost effective too! Let’s take a look at 10 easy homemade skin brightening scrubs for fresh & gorgeous skin.

1. Walnut and Tamarind Scrub: Skin brightening scrub diy
For preparing this scrub, you would need walnut and tamarind pulp. To prepare the tamarind pulp, take 60 grams of tamarind and put it in 250 grams of water and boil this mix. Once boiled, strain the water to get the pulp, in a manner similar to what you follow when making the tamarind chutney. In addition, grind 2 to 3 walnut shell in a grinder and mix ½ tsp. of this grainy powder with ½ tsp. of tamarind pulp along with 2 tsp. of rose water and scrub it on the face for 1 to 2 minutes. Apply this scrub fortnightly for best results. You can preserve the remaining grainy powder and tamarind pulp (refrigerate) for longer use. Importantly, use this scrub if you have normal to oily skin.

2. Cumin Seed and Amla Scrub: Skin brightening scrub all skin types:
Another simple scrub requires cumin seed or jeera and amla mixture. To prepare this scrub, grind cumin to a fine powder and mix ½ tsp. cumin powder with ½ tsp. of amla powder with ½ tsp of honey. Rub this scrub on your face once every week for a fair complexion. This can be used for all skin types & is a great exfoliating scrub. One of the best skin brightening scrub homemade without any chemicals.

3. Walnut/Coconut and Almond Scrub: Skin brightening scrub for dry skin

One of the best home remedies for glowing skin in one day. Walnuts and coconuts are the most common ingredients of some of the best scrubs. To prepare one such scrub, grind walnut or coconut husk to a grainy powder. Also, take 5 almonds soaked overnight and grind them as well. Further, mix ½ tsp of walnut/coconut powder with the almond powder and ½ tsp of milk cream and scrub your face every 4 to 5 days for best results. Use this for normal to dry skin. Besides, due to presence of milk cream, this one is one of the best scrub for dry skin.

4. Coconut Scrub: 

Here’s a mild scrub made entirely with different parts of a coconut. You can make this scrub by taking 5 tsp. of coconut water, ½ tsp of finely grounded coconut husk and a mash of raw coconut taken in proportionate quantity. Apply this scrub every week for a lighter skin tone. Useful for all skin types, it is one of the best face scrubs for whitening skin.

5. Turmeric, Sesame and Corn Scrub: 

This scrub has easy to find ingredients for which you won’t even have to step out of the kitchen. Take ½ tsp of turmeric powder (haldi), ½ tsp of powdered sesame seeds and ½ tsp. of coarse corn flour (makki ka atta). Mix these basic ingredients in ½ tsp of warm milk vigorously. As a matter of fact, this scrub will help reduce pigmentation of skin and brightens the skin. If you want, you can prepare this remedy without the coarse corn flour and use the preparation as a skin brightening face mask. Apply once a week for best results. This is good for all skin types. However, if you have excessive oily skin, you may replace milk with 1 tsp of rose water.

6. Rice Scrub: 

Yes, this is another one created simply with one of the most common food grain—rice. Grind some rice into fine granules and mix ½ tsp of this with ½ tsp of milk cream and a few drops of rose water. This is one of the simplest of scrubs and you should apply it on a weekly basis for a lighter skin tone. Indeed, a good scrub for normal to dry skin.

7. Castor Oil and Chana: 

This scrub requires only two ingredients, namely, castor oil and chana flour. Generally, an Indian kitchen would have castor oil stored in its shelves. However, even if you do not have it at home, do not worry. Castor oil is very common and you can get it from your local groceries store. Mix 1 tsp of each of these ingredients (castor oil and chana flour) and scrub it on your face for 2-3 minutes. The scrub is known to reduce pigmentation and make the skin fair naturally for people with dry skin.

8. Tulsi, Neem and Mint Scrub: 

To make this scrub, just take a few leaves each of tulsi, neem and mint and mix them with a regular cream. The scrub will help you get a clean and pimple-free skin, glowing like the moon! Apply this scrub weekly to get a clear and bright skin. This can be used for all skin types but gives best results for oily skin.

9. Oats and Cream Scrub: 

This is another scrub with some very healthy and nutritious ingredients for the skin. To prepare this scrub, take ½ tsp. of milk’s cream and 1 tbsp of oaks soaked in water for 15 minutes. Mix these oats with cream in a grinder to make the scrub. Moreover, this is an effective skin brightening scrub for body and brightens the skin tone considerably. Best for normal to dry skin.

10. Chana, Corn, Cream and Honey Scrub: 

Take 1 tbsp of chana flour, 1 tsp of coarse corn flour (makki ka atta) and mix them with 1 tbsp of milk cream, ½ tsp of honey and a few drops of lime juice. This is a moisturizing scrub which can be applied once a week for clear and fair skin. Use this for normal to dry skin. For oily skin type, replace milk cream with double-toned milk.

You can select any of these scrubs listed above (depending on your skin types, of course) without worrying about the side effects, as there are none. As you can see, all ingredients are natural, nutritional, healthy and safe to use. The best part is that these are easily available in an average household or the local market. So go ahead, pamper yourself with one of these scrubs and don’t forget to share the compliments you get in the comments section below.:)


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