Bring That Glow Back With Deyga Skin Brightening Kit

Make a list of things that we have ignored during the pandemic and our skin health shall top the list. Moreover, factors like increased screen time, long working hours, staying indoors & erratic sleeping hours have made our skin dull. Indulging in time consuming skin care routines is a luxury with increased chores. As a matter of fact, creams, lotions promising drastic improvements are often loaded with chemicals. Healthy dietary habits, exercise & skincare with natural ingredients are a great combination to enjoy healthy glowing skin! However, my challenge was to find a suitable product made with natural ingredients that nourished my skin to bring that glow back. I came across Deyga skin brightening kit & let me tell you how it helped brighten my skin!

A home grown brand, Deyga believes in crafting natural organic products for hair, skin, wellness, oral & baby care. In addition, locally sourced ingredients are handcrafted with traditional recipes to make cruelty-free, sustainable products. 

What is Deyga skin brightening kit?

A four product combo, the Deyga skin brightening kit concentrates on beautifying your skin and revealing its natural tone! The products in the kit made with pure organic ingredients are as follows:

Deyga Rose Pink Clay Soap 

Deyga Rose & Mulethi Face Pack

Deyga Ylang Ylang Mist

Deyga Beautifying Serum

Each products are individually packed for hassle free transit. Also, the serum & face pack come packaged in glass bottles, wrapped in paper packaging. 

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How to use Deyga skin brightening kit:

Deyga Rose Pink Clay Soap:

Enriched with rose, pink clay, shea butter & essential oils, the soap is unscented & handmade to keep harmful chemicals at bay. 

Rose is used since centuries in beauty routines & keeps skin healthy & glowing when applied topically. Moreover it helps reduces skin irritation, reduce excess sebum production & help control acne. Next, pink clay works like magic to reduce inflammation & keeps the skin supple. The other ingredient, shea butter helps hydrate the skin.

How to use Deyga rose pink clay soap:

Wet your palms to create lather & apply all over wet skin. As a matter of fact, the soap is safe to use on facial skin too! Wash off under shower to reveal healthy hydrated skin.

Deyga Rose & Mulethi Face Pack:

One of my favorite products from the combo, the face pack intensely helps rejuvenate dull dehydrated skin, revealing it's natural glow. 

Enriched with rose grains, mulethi & oatmeal, the face pack gently exfoliates skin to remove the dull layer caused by dead skin cells. Moreover, the essential oils present keep the skin moisturized during the exfoliation process.

How to use Deyga rose & mulethi face pack:

Although, the face pack is suitable for all skin types, a patch test is recommended. Make a thick paste by adding milk/buttermilk/rosewater to one tablespoon of face pack. Next, apply all over facial skin & keep for 15-20 minutes. Once dry, wash off with lukewarm water. For best results, use the pack once a week.

Deyga Ylang Ylang Mist:

A great product that helps balance oil production & soothe any inflammation present. Made with 100% steam distilled Ylang Ylang, the mist helps calm the skin & heal acne or scars present. 

How to use Deyga ylang ylang mist:

Spray all over face from a distance while keeping eyes closed. Next, let the mist dry completely ensuring all ingredients are absorbed in the skin. The subtle fragrance of the mist helps instantly calm the skin during humid weather. Additionally, the travel friendly size helps you instantly rejuvenate your skin during your travels too!

Deyga Beautifying Serum

Contrary to popular belief, serums are light weight, non greasy & gently nourish the skin as they are absorbed faster on application. 

Enriched with anti bacterial, anti oxidant properties, the beautifying serum is an unique blend of oils and herbs. Made with nourishing ingredients like moringa oil, grapeseed oil, baobab the serum nourishes the skin deeply & brightens dull skin. Moreover, it also helps reduce pigmentation, fine lines, aging spots & tackle acne.  Apply under eye area to reduce dark circles & bring that sparkle back!

How to use Deyga beautifying serum:

Take a few drops of the serum in your palms and apply over facial skin with gentle motions. Further, leave the serum overnight to wake up with glowing skin. In fact, less is more as a couple of drops of serum are enough to deeply nourish your skin. 

Deyga product prices are reasonable as the quantity justifies the cost. Priced at Inr 1999, Deyga skin brightening kit helps rejuvenate your skin by revealing it's natural tone. I have given it a try, how about you guys?


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