The Bold Type - 5 Reasons Why Every Boss Needs To Watch This Show

If you have seen the show - The Bold Type on Netflix, you would have most definitely loved the character of  Jacqueline Carlyle, the Editor - in - chief of Scarlet Magazine. The character is essayed by the very talented Melora Hardin. 

In most shows/ movies & reality of course, seniority & humility rarely go hand in hand. For some reason people at the top turn into corporate sharks as they move up the ladder. 

Well Jacqueline is different. She's not only sexy, sassy, an astute business woman who's ahead of the curve in business; but also a soul who doesn't let humanity get lost in the process of adding numbers.

So here's what her character teaches. She heads the organization in this show, and there's a lot to take from her role.

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1. No Manipulation or Bitchiness at work

Lets face it, we all have experienced bad behaviour at work from both the genders. We deal with bad attitudes of  colleagues, peers, juniors from time to time. However, what's usually more damaging is the case of bad bosses that get the best of us. 

Jacqueline is refreshingly different. She won't twist matters to suit her narrative. She doesn't walk on people's toes to step up her game. 

Pulling others down for personal gain is a trait we see too often in all walks of life. So when the person in a position of power does the opposite, instead uplifts people along the way; one feels there's still some room for some good left in this world.

2. Creating a Work Culture of Growth & Positivity

A lot can change when people "at the top" decide to set the course right -  among Families, Businesses & Politics alike. One man/ woman's actions can inspire the rest of the tribe.

In this show, Jacqueline creates a place for a culture to thrive. A culture that makes one feel one with the system. She stands up for her team.

Employees & staff look upto her & usually follow suit. 

3. She Pushes People to Do Their Best

Often working people get stuck in a rabbit hole and creativity goes flying out of the window. Pushing people to do their best even when they are at their worst is a skill worth it's while in Leadership.

Jacqueline not only motivates her staff but also encourages them to dig & think deeper. Now who doesn't want a boss like that!

4. Bears the Flag of Feminism 

By definition, Feminism implies Equality between genders. One of it's functions is to stand up for the other members in your tribe and call out their wrong doings, of Men & Women - both. 

For instance, Jacqueline is not afraid to take the likes of powerful women like Pamela Dolan down, who have a history of secretly exploiting young women.

She uses her journalism responsibly & for welfare of others.

5. Treats people with Kindness

In today's world of harsh judgements & misdemeanour, KINDNESS becomes more of a word from the dictionary than a virtue or a human trait. Typically when leadership and some humane qualities combine, the outcomes have a cascading effect for the better.

Everybody wishes to become a leader, but very few carry that role & legacy thereafter with elan, compassion & intellect. In today's world we need more problem solvers than creators.

How many would like to go down the Miranda Priestly route? (of The Devil Wears Prada fame). You wouldn't want one around for sure.

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So if you haven't seen the show yet, watch THE BOLD TYPE streaming on Netflix. You will enjoy the ride :)


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