6 Ways Of Saving Your Skin When It Behaves Crazy

Who has not had a bad skin day? Or a bad skin week/ month/ phase? We all go through a time when the skin just acts & reacts in ways we do not understand. If we manage to get the situation under control - GREAT !!!

But if issues continue to persist, what do we do next? How do we get better? The usual skin concerns involve breakouts, pigmentation, redness, rashes, excessive dryness & of course many more. 

So how does one get the situation more manageable! Here are a few things that one can do - 

1. Visit a dermatologist / Skin Doctor 

Sometimes a visit to a dermatologist can be life changing. A dermatologist (like any other doctor) will identify the issues your skin is going through. He/ She will then recommend the right course of action, put you on an appropriate skin care regime, guide you on the do's & don'ts that you may not be aware of. They will also most likely indicate the kind of foods that you need to consume & avoid to keep the skin going. They will also address your hydration situation.

So if you think that your skin is asking for help and you don't know what to do, visit a skin doctor & get an action plan in motion. A DOCTOR is after all a DOCTOR for a reason :)

2. Use the right products

If you have already seen a doctor, you will have your prescription in hand. If not, then it would be wise to go through the products that you use and assess how effective they really are. Sometimes what you think suits you may just be doing the job, opposite. Hence an evaluation of what's in your kitty & using items which are appropriate might just help in improving the skin condition.

3.  Keep the skin clean

This pointer doesn't need too much explaining but getting rid of dirt & grime is essential for the skin. Usually cleaning the face twice a day is recommended.

4. Do not touch your face

Often we touch our faces with our unwashed hands and do not even realize what we just did. Hands pick up germs from almost everywhere. From mobile phones to TV remotes, from elevator buttons to door handles - germ presence is omnipresent.

Hence avoid touching your face without a hand wash. It is little things like these that go a long way.

5. Home Remedies

If you are under skin medication with a doctor then you may check with them if home remedies are acceptable. 

If not, then using items like homemade face masks, face packs, scrubs are great options. They are gentle in nature, mainly because their ingredients are edible. Techniques like skin icing also assist in calming the skin down.

6. Less is more

Often, excessive use of facial & makeup products becomes a perfect recipe for a skin disaster. Step back & evaluate if you have utilized more than what is required. Cut back and make changes accordingly.



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