How To Get Toddlers To Co-Operate For Pictures And Toddler Photoshoot Tips

We all all want to take beautiful pictures of our toddler to preserve memories. However, it's no mean feat. Taking pictures of an infant can be easier in comparison to toddlers as they refuse to sit still. And to get them to look at the camera with a smile....forget it! Take for instance my 2.5 year old. The minute we try taking pictures, her bubbly smiling demeanor changes to grumpy in nano seconds. Notwithstanding the fact that we click pictures with our cellphones & do not engage in elaborate equipment. As a result, the question "How do I get my child to smile for pictures?" made me look for easy toddler photoshoot tips. Having read through a few helpful articles & self applied tricks, I do get my toddler to pose for pictures nowadays. Let's look at how to get toddlers to co-operate for pictures & toddler photoshoot tips.

Do remember that the trick is to not aim for perfect but fun pictures. In addition, try to capture different  expressions of these little munchkins as they shall make for priceless pictures :-)

Simplicity is the key:

Try keeping the toddler photo shoot as simple as possible. Having used a lot of props while taking pictures of my toddler, I swear by this mantra. I go for candid pictures rather than aim for pictures that look very "staged". A goofy smile, playing with a favorite toy, candid laughter...... these emotions are much better than pictures that look reluctant! Also choose natural locations instead of intimidating stucios with lot of equipment for the photoshoot.

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Always supervise:

Amidst the excitement of a toddler photoshoot, do not forget to supervise. Moreover, place the props/backdrops at a safe distance to avoid mishaps. Toddlers can get super excited and run around at quiet a speed. With this in mind, always hire/request someone to stand close to toddlers while you snap away. 

Keep them engaged:

Keep talking to the toddler about various things as you click. Moreover, asking them about their favorite things, helps too. Tell a story or a small joke. Just as important is to speak their language. This shall help in keeping them engaged & is a great way to get toddlers to co-operate for pictures.

Sit them down:

Not an easy task, but try to make your toddler sit down. Try taking the pictures around a bench, a small seat, rocking horse...anything that may attract the little ones to sit down. As a matter of fact, this will help you take stress- free pictures.

Take pictures in natural poses:

Do not try posing toddlers for photography in a very difficult manner. Children love natural behaviour & do not understand too much of posing. Click pictures as they play, walk, sit down or behave in an uninhibited manner. Make every photshoot fun & keep it short. Keep in mind to wrap up photoshoots with children under an hour. 

Show clicked pictures: How do I get my child to smile for pictures?

Take a break & show the fun pictures taken by you. This trick helps them feel as if they are a part of the activity rather than it being a difficult chore. Ask them which ones are their favorite till now & if they want more. 

Tell silly jokes

Try telling small funny jokes. Not only will this make the toddlers look at the camera but also make them smile. Now, this trick takes care of the alltime worry, "toddler won't smile for the camera" isn't it?

Finally, do not get disappointed if you do not get the desired pictures during your first attempt. To this effect, observe what toddler really enjoys & try planning a photoshoot around his/her favorite activites. 


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