Taking Kids To Weddings: Mistakes to Avoid & How To Manage Kids At Weddings

Rejoice, it's the wedding season. However, of all the guests any wedding shall have, kids are going to be the most unpredictable. A few may create a fuss. Many may get bored. Besides, some kids may completely melt. Having kids to sit calmly throughout wedding ceremonies is not an easy task. Yes, before you guess, we learned it the hard way. Although, we would love to try it again soon, here are some things to keep in mind while taking kids to weddings & mistakes to avoid. Read this article that also touches upon a few tricks to keep kids busy at weddings. Wish, we had learned sooner :D In addition, these are just a few basic tips, always do what your instinct says.

Plan Ahead & Be Prepared:

Parenting amongst other things is about planning. With this in mind, plan ahead. How long shall you take to reach the venue? For instance, a long commute from home to the wedding venue in peak traffic may end up putting your little one in a bad mood. What shall you do if your kid runs riot at the wedding venue? Can someone take the little one back home or to a nearby cafe till they calm down? If possible arrange a babysitter to come along so that you can enjoy the ceremony in peace. Additionally, ask for a flow of events in advance. Taking kids to a wedding that is a whole day affair shall end up being tricky. So decide in advance about how much time you shall spend at the wedding with kids. 

Research the venue:

Believe us, this helps. For a recent wedding we attended, we procured basic info about the venue. A single call helped us understand the facilities. The venue had a play area that helped us keep our little angel busy. Research if the venue has a small cafe/restaurant to take kids when they become cranky. Moreover, check if valet parking is available before taking your own car. The last thing you would want to do is to spend time finding parking with your little one fussing in the back seat. Nowadays wedding planners come up with kid friendly wedding reception ideas, so do check with the host. 

Carry Essentials:

Make a list of must carry essentials. Set of clothes, sleeping blanket, feeding bottles, drinking water, extra diapers are a must carry. For newborns, take a few ideas for essentials from here . Moreover, if the venue is spacious a stroller will give you mobility. If you are thinking of choosing between a baby carrier or stroller, our earlier blog shall help you decide. In case of toddlers, take some foods like biscuits/cookies, cut fruits etc if they feel hungry between ceremonies.

Dress Kids In Comfortable Clothes:

Avoid dressing up kids in heavy clothes that may feel uncomfortable. My 9 month old spent the entire wedding we attended trying to pick at the embellishments in her clothes. Besides, it made her feel too hot for comfort. Choose a stylish & comfortable attire. Any gold or precious jewellery is a NO! Go ahead, no one will judge you.

Take along an activity pack:

An easy answer to the question, how to keep toddlers busy at a wedding is to carry along an activity pack. Pack a rubik cube, crayons & coloring books, board books, puzzles, favorite toys & more. A simple trick that keeps them busy. Research about children wedding activity pack ideas online as there are many available.

Mistakes to Avoid While Taking Kids to Weddings:

-Wearing heavy clothes & high heels
- Check the wedding invite. If it specifies "no kids at weddings" arrange for alternative care for them at home
- Taking a completely new baby sitter along
- Including kids in ceremonies with loud music or heavy crowd
- Do not encourage people to touch your little ones. They might feel uncomfortable engaging with too many strangers

Do tell us about our recent experiences about taking kids to weddings in the comments section.


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