Do More Always- Personal Care Range For An Active Lifestyle

An active lifestyle has multiple benefits. Apart from keeping your heart healthy it also helps prevent diseases, promotes better sleep & improves overall well being. Furthermore, we all love working out- either indoors or outdoors. However, sweating it out daily may result in a few skin problems that seem miniscule at first, but may take gigantic proportions if ignored. Do you experience dehydrated or red skin after workouts? Excessive exposure to sun makes your skin itchy? Than maybe it's time to look at your skincare routine. How about trying specially formulated products launched by everyday athletes? We tell you more about "Do More Always" a special skincare and bodycare range to meet the daily needs of our skin while we pursue an active lifestyle.

Being active in today's world means leading a busy lifestyle. Hence, we all need skincare solutions that are fuss free & effective. Moreover, the products need to be safe without the presence of harmful chemicals. I came across the personal care range from Do More Always & decided to give it a try.

Here is what I tried & loved from Do More Always range.

Essential Fit Skin Combo:

This effective combo consists of a super light face wash, ultra-lightweight moisturiser and broad spectrum sunscreen. Importantly, this combo helps cover the basic steps that a goodskincare routine should follow- clenase, moisturise & protect the skin. 

Always Cleanse Foaming Face Wash:

With the goodness of neem, aloe vera, glycolic acid, coffee extracts, the face wash instantly refreshes without leaving the skin dry. In addition, the ingredients offer antimicrobial & antibacterial properties that help keen blemishes & acne away. Specially forulated for the Indian climate, this face wash helps protect the delicate skin barrier. I am usually wary of using harsh cleansers on my dry skin. However, I found the cleanser from Do More Always mild with a great cleansing effect. Priced at Inr 400 for 60 ml.

Always Hydrate Moisturizer:

I am always on a lookout for moisturisers that hydrate deeply but don't feel oily & sticky on my skin. I used this moisturiser on various occasions- indoors as well as outdoors. Non sticky & quickly absorbed into the skin, the moisturiser comes with the goodness of Shea butter & coffee oil which help  improve your overall skin texture. It also has Niacinamide and Vitamin B5 to strengthen and soften your skin! Moreover, it's non-comedogenic and absorbs instantly into your skin. Priced at Inr 500 for 50 ml. ANd the best part- suitable for all skin types and provides all-day hydration!

The Always Protect Sunscreen:

With its fast absorption properties & non oily formulation, this one became a quick favorite. A broad spectrum sunscreen, with SPF50+ protection it a must for anyone leading an active lifestyle. Whether you workout indoors or outdoors, the harmful rays of sun play havoc with your skin. Apply a generous coat of Always protect sunscreen before you step out to protect your skin. Priced at Inr 500 for 50 ml.

Next, I tried the Body Fit Combo. With a body wash that can be used by both men & women and velvety smooth body lotion, this combo is good to take on your travels too!

Always Fresh Body Wash:

With the goodness of tea tree oil, aloe vera, cucumber, coffee extracts this body wash cleanses deeply. Moreover, it is beneficial in preventing body acne that may be caused due to sweating it out everyday. I found the body wash gentle on my skin without causing disturbance to the natural pH balance of the skin. Also, it helped wash away impurities without causing any skin irritation. Priced at Inr 450 for 200 ml.

Always Nourish Body Lotion

Cleansed skin needs hydration. Once the pores open up, post using the Always Fresh body wash, its important to provides deep hydration. With the goodness of Cocoa Butter that reduces dullness, Shea and Mango Butters that deeply moisturise the skin, the Always Nourish body lotion helps rejuvenate your skin without leaving it sticky to touch. Further, the presence of collagen helps firm up the skin. Priced at Inr 450 for 200 ml.

So, do not worry due to skin woes that come along with an active lifestyle. Do More Always. 


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