Green Oxygen Ayurveda Beauty & Wellness Studio- Review, Treatments & Therapies

No doubt a relaxing spa therapy is a great way to get rid of accumulated stress, mental-physical fatigue & unwind your mind, body & soul. However, what therapies one chooses plays a major role in physical, mental & spiritual healing. Chasing deadlines, juggling home & workplace, sedentary lifestyle all play havoc on our physical wellness. Hence, a day at a spa is no longer a luxury but a necessity. With this in mind, we visited Green Oxygen Ayurveda Beauty & Wellness Studio, Mulund to embark on a rejuvenating journey. 

Green Oxygen Ayurveda Beauty & Wellness Studio, Mulund

Therapies at Green Oxygen Ayurveda Beauty & Wellness Studio:

Located on the ground floor of the sprawling Runwal Greens, Mulund complex, the spa is spacious & airy. Apart from wellness therapies it also offers personalised beauty treatments to patrons.  Furthermore, there are customised products on sale too.

We started with a traditional 30 minute head massage. Our therapist, Anuja used a mix of natural coconut oil & ksheerbala oil. Further, she explained that this mix offers relaxation, reduces stress, soothes nervous system. 

Traditional Therapies At Green Oxygen Studio

Her nimble fingers worked magic & we could feel the tension & stress slow ebb away. The therapist's gentle yet firm movements on our head, neck & shoulder stimulted the senses & prompted us into a light sleep- a sure sign of a good head massage therapy :-)

The Ayurveda facial involved all the steps except steaming the face. We started with a raw milk cleanse & moved to a mild exfoliation with natural coconut scrub. 

Therapist Anuja at Green Oxygen Beauty & Wellness Studio

Ayurvedic Facial at Green Oxygen Beauty & Wellness Studio

Next, a massage with Navara rice ensured exfoliation of the dead skin cells to reveal fresh glowing skin. The therapist used kumkumadi oil for a gentle facial massage. Finally, a natural neem pack was applied to soothe  The therapy lasts for 45 minutes & leaves the facial skin & muscles feeling completely relaxed.  

The 30 minute foot massage by therapist Shri, our final treatment helped soothe soreness due to excessive cardio exercise indulged recently. Murivenna oil used in this soothing massage is highly beneficial to reduce aches & pains. The therapist used firm pressure & massaged the heel, arch, toes- the areas that required some TLC. He paid extra attention to pressure points that in turn helped promote a sense of well being. Next, special attention was paid to the achilles tendon & knees as requested. We finished our spa day with a complete relaxing experience.  

What we loved:

Outmost care is taken to sanitize surfaces & maintain hygiene. Further the entire staff wear masks & gets regular temperature checks. The therapists are highly trained & offer advice of therapies to be chosen. There are many traditional therapies like Abhyangam, Shirodhara, Kati Basti, Kizhi to choose from. Further, these therapies start from an affordable price of Inr 399 only. 

Traditional Therapies At Green Oxygen Ayurveda Beauty & Wellness Studio, Mulund

So, why not visit Green Oxygen Ayurveda Beauty & Wellness Studio to indulge in some self love. Enjoy the luxurious treatments & let the efficient team take care of you. Moreover, not only this helps imrpove sleep quality but also helps in complete relaxation leading to better stress management. However, before you plan a day here do note that prior appointment is required. Why not gift a customised therapy to a loved one & surprise them?

Green Oxygen Ayurveda Beauty & Wellness Studio Address:

Ground floor Shop No 56, Runwal Greens, Ground, 57, Mulund - Goregaon Link Rd, Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400080

For Appointments:

Call# 9076305657


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