DIY 2 Ingredient Face Masks For Healthy Glowing Skin

Tired of chemical laden beauty products that promise the world but often under deliver? Why not switch to all natural beauty care routine? Although, most of my readers complain about lack of time as a barrier to indulge in homemade masks for face, hair & body. However, caring for the largest organ- your skin need not be an expensive or time consuming affair. How about we tell you that you shall need just 2 ingredients to pamper your skin? 

If you are often left wondering, "How to make a homemade face mask that actually works?" than try these DIY 2 ingredient face masks for healthy glowing skin. 

Best Homemade Face Mask For Glowing Skin:

Take a little hung curd (or Greek yogurt) in a mixing bowl. Next, add few drops of lemon juice. Further, mix well and apply all over face & neck area. keep for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water. Finally, spray organic rose water all over to tone the skin. 

The lactic acid present in curd helps slough dead skin cells. As a result, the newer cells are revealed resulting in a glowing skin tone. in addition, curd also contains mild bleaching properties that helps lighten skin tone. However, if you are allergic to lemon juice, replace with organic rose water.

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2 Ingredient Face Mask For Acne:

Acne breakouts occur due to blockage of follicles. In addition, these are more persistent & sometimes  leave marks. Many beauty experts believe that activated charcoal helps draw impurities from your skin which in turn reduce acne breakouts. 

Take freshly harvested aloe vera gel. Next, add little activated charcoal. Mix well to make a thick mask. Apply over facial skin with a brush. Keep for 15-20 minutes. In the end, wash off & use your regular toner.

Coffee & Honey Face Mask:

A face mask that works as a mild scrub too & leaves you skin smelling good!! Take some coffee grounds & add organic honey to it. Further, mix well. Apply all over facial skin. Next, let dry for 15 minutes. Finally, wash off with gentle circular motions. 

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Multani Mitti & Green Tea Mask:

Want younger looking, firm skin? Steep a little green tea & cool. Next take multani mitti powder & add the green tea decoction to it. Further, mix well. Now apply all over face & neck area. Keep for 15 minutes. Wash off & apply rose water. 

Coconut Milk & Tomato Paste Mask:

The astringent properties of tomato helps remove extra sebum & clear blemishes. Moreover, coconut milk is very hydrating & helps add moisture to the skin. Take puree of a small tomato. Next, add little freshly harvested coconut milk. Mix well. Apply on face & neck area. Finally, wash off after 15 minutes. However, do a small patch test to check for allergies before applying this mask.

A little time & only 2 ingredients from your kitchen can help you make these face masks that really work. So, which one are you gonna try?


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