Celebrating The Beauty Benefits Of Coffee

For most of us, days don't start till its "Coffee-O-Clock". Coffee is our savior on unending work days and our favorite way to relax while on a holiday. But did you know that our regular caffeine fix can be a great addition in our beauty routines? Apart from many health benefits when consumed in moderation, coffee also helps reduce cellulite, brightens skin tone, reduces under eye bags and makes hair shiny when applied externally.

On International Coffee Day, Fashion Tourist celebrates coffee- favorite drink of millions with an easy DIY head-to-toe beauty routine that will leave your skin and hair shiny, soft and smelling yummy-li-cious!!

DIY Coffee Foot Scrub:

Make an easy foot scrub with some ground coffee, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. Spread some old newspapers on the bathroom floor (to avoid mess) and apply the foot scrub on your feet with gentle circular motions. Let dry and wash off with lukewarm water or dip feet in a tub full of water for extra TLC. Add a few rose petals...hello happy feet :D

Relaxing Coffee Bath Soak:

The caffeine present in coffee rejuvenates, fights fatigue and helps release tension and is beneficial as a bath soak too.

Take some ground coffee and mix with organic rose water and rub all over your body in gentle massaging motion. Fill a bathtub with warm water and soak in! Add more rose water to the bath soak if you desire.

Exfoliating Coffee Face Mask:

Coffee has excellent exfoliating properties that help reduce blemishes and brighten skin tone. Mix it with other beneficial ingredients and voila, one has a winner. Make a face mask with ground coffee, powdered oatmeal and little honey. Let dry and than rinse with lukewarm water while gently rubbing the mask all over your face. Coffee helps exfoliate and is a great replacement for harmful microbeads that harm marine life, oatmeal helps soften skin and honey provides moisture.

Coffee Under Eye Mask:

Puffy and tired eyes are a big no no! Coffee has anti inflammatory and soothing properties that help puffy eyes when applied externally. The caffeine present, shrinks blood vessels and stimulates blood flow to the under eye area and temporarily reduces puffiness.

Make an under eye mask with egg white and ground coffee and apply liberally under the eyes. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes. The egg white helps tighten the sensitive under eye skin and the combination of coffee + egg white is magic!

Coffee Hair Rinse:

Coffee adds shine to hair and helps add a tint to it too, especially if you have dark hair. Brew two tablespoons of ground coffee with enough water and let it cool. Strain and keep aside. After your regular shampoo- conditioner routine, rinse hair with the prepared coffee rinse. Do not wash hair post coffee rinse, just pat dry gently.

Coffee is loaded with powerful antioxidants that help free radical damage and help renewal of new skin cells when consumed in moderation. So, pamper yourself with these easy DIY beauty potions made with coffee and stay happy!! 


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