Blue Light Effect On Skin & How to Protect Skin From Blue Light

Although I spend the majority of my time indoors in an air-conditioned environment, I avoid direct sunlight; I take all necessary precautions....but!!! What is causing my skin to age? If this is your story too, you have come to the right place. Continue reading to learn how blue light damages skin and how to protect yourself from its side effects.

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What is blue light?

Blue light is part of the sun's natural short and broad spectrum of light emitted; a molecular collision of these lights with the atmosphere on their entry to Earth results in a burst of blue light around us, like 'blue sky.

Blue light effect on skin research:

Blue light in natural form is extremely essential for human body to regulate our circadian rhythm/ wake-sleep cycle.

However, the rapid use and effect of unnatural blue light or HEV (high energy visible) in the form of radiation from our -TV, tablets, computers, smart phones, or other fluorescent sources of light is a growing concern. It not only causes retinal damage, but it also has serious consequences for our skin.

Does Blue light affect my skin? 

The answer to this question is a roaring YES. Till recent time’s sun was considered the sole skin enemy responsible for wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, tanning, tissue and collagen damage.

Blue light effect on skin research has proven that HEV/blue light has higher potential to enter the ‘dermis’, which is the middle layer skin-tissue anatomy. Blue light has slow and continuous damaging process, and prolonged exposure; about eight hours per day, is equivalent to seven minutes of mid-day sun exposure. It can lead to cell shrinkage; it damages the DNA constitution of the skin along with collagen and antigen.

Some common signs and symptoms of blue light damage is redness of the skin, swelling and puffiness, pigmentation, and early signs of wrinkles. Some preliminary researches reflect upon photo aging and hyper pigmentation as ill effects of blue light.

Well, blue light emission in controlled manner can have positive healing/ curing benefits too, some renowned Dermatologists across the world, experimented with blue light radiations to treat many skin conditions, like to treat acute acne, where in seven days there was a notable decrease in formation of black and white heads. In some cases a patch of psoriasis was treated with blue light and no skin damage was recorded.

Blue light is also an integral part of photo-dynamic therapy, which is effectively used in killing cancer cell formation in the body.

How to protect my skin from the adverse effect of blue light/HEV?

Whether working or not, exposing oneself to some kind of screen is inevitable, listed below are some ways you can reduce potential blue light damage to your skin;

1. Limit screen time, and if possible take a break every 20 minutes.

2. Use sun screen with minimum SPF 30, (with zinc/titanium oxide) and reapply as followed for sun exposure.

3. Use vitamin C rich skin serums, as they are reported to reverse the photo aging and hyper pigmentation damage. (as per some earlier researches) 

4. Keep your laptop or PC at an arm’s length, and with minimum brightness

5. Consider using matte filters and make necessary changes in your phone settings that prohibit / reduce blue light. 

These steps helps to answer the question, “How to reverse blue light effect on skin” to a great extent. 

So next time you are checked for your numerous coffee and water breaks, forward them this page ;). Maintain equilibrium, use caution, and keep informed till next time.


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