10 Bollywood Movies to Watch this Independence Day

This year we celebrate the 69th Independence Day of the world’s largest democracy. And like every year we shall sway the tri – colour flag, proudly sing the National Anthem & pay tribute to India’s freedom fighters.

So, today at Fashion Tourist, we thought of putting down the coolest Bollywood movies that evoked strong feelings of patriotism in us. They got our eyes moist and made our hearts swell with pride as the characters participated in the freedom struggle, fought for the nation and made us proud with their achievements.

1. Chak de India (2007)

An extraordinary movie that blended Woman Empowerment and Patriotism together led by none other than our favourite SRK; who looked his best in this film. We remember clapping & cheering throughout the movie in the cinema hall. What made the movie inspirational was that the girls start as a team of underdogs & go on to winning the world cup. Easily one of the most stylist, edgy & cool films of all times

2. Lagaan (2001)

A movie about a man who went against all odds and emerged victorious. His passion, attitude and love for his land helped him accomplish some extraordinary feats against some very challenging circumstances. This movie conveyed strongly about self-belief, triumph of the human spirit….triumph of the Indian spirit.

3. Rang De Basanti (2006)

A bunch of carefree college friends whose patriotic conscience gets awakened by the tragic death of their close friend. Inspired by the roles of the respective freedom fighters they play in the documentary film, they collectively decide to avenge the death of their friend. This movie beautifully blended history with present age politics and called for  a national moral, political and social awakening.

4. Swades (2004)

A project manager with NASA who eventually returns to India for the sense of responsibility he feels towards his country & people. Though the movie did not enjoy a great box office run, the story & SRK’s performance definitely touched our hearts.

5. Sarfarosh (1999)

A story of a young man who quits his studies and joins IPS to wipe out terrorists for the love of his country.
Remember those heated exchange of words between Aamir Khan & Mukesh Rishi? And similar exchange of dialogues between Aamir & Naseeruddin Shah at the Climax… What epic scenes they were !!!

6. Mr. India (1987)

So here’s a man who discovers his father’s invisibility device & rises to fight against the bad guys in the country. Not typically “in your face patriotic” but come on, the guy not only saves his family of orphaned kids but the entire country from a missile attack by Mogambo. The movie had everything – Science, Fiction, Indian Superhero, hit songs, Ms. Hawa Hawaii & the very iconic Mogambo … this movie refreshes our childhood memories & remains an all time favourite.

7. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013)

A biographical account of one of the finest athletes the country has ever produced – Milkha Singh; this movie took us through his journey from his childhood across the border, to his rise as a national champion in India & subsequent victories in International tournaments. And of course how can we forget the stellar performances by Farhan Akhtar, Divya Dutta & the remaining cast which gave us so many feel good moments during the movie

8. Sardar (1993)

The movie depicted the political life of Sardar Vallabhai Patel pre & post independence & his contribution to India, when the country dealing with issues of partition & political uncertainty.

9. Gandhi (1982)

Respected & loved by the entire human race, this movie was about one of the strongest personalities the world has ever seen- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. His fight for India’s independence from the British rule through principles of non – violence & non – cooperation movement are held as inspirational examples even today. Gandhi (the movie) showcased the major events in his life during the British rule

10. Border (1997)

Set in the backdrop of the 1971 war, this film showcased the lives of our soldiers who selflessly risk everything to protect us. Absolutely nothing that we do can ever match their love & passion for the country and the sacrifices they make in order to keep our land protected. And yes, remember the song Sandese Aate hain? This song tugged at our heart strings and inspired the young generation to selflessly serve their nation.

These movies bubble with patriotic sentiments & spirit. Great watch at any given time with family & friends… so get together this Independence day with your loved ones and celebrate some national pride.

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