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I looked at my favorite books and magazines and sighed. My better half longingly looked at his toolbox. Two completely different things that we both are extremely fond of. This tricky situation had the power to dull our mood for the rest of the evening. Now, why did this happen? Simple. In the Maximum city of Mumbai, where space comes at a premium, we had to shift our abode, yet again. We finally had managed to find something that not only suited our budget but was closer to our work places too. But the thought of shifting gave me goose bumps.

Image Courtesy Flickr - Creative Commons

Innumerable boxes would be filled with our possessions resulting in acrimonious debate between us, as to why would two people own so many things!!! My husband turned with determined eyes and announced, “Get rid of the books and magazines, you hardly read them.” Now how do I tell him that the reading material he was asking me to discard belonged to my favorite authors and the magazines I was holding onto, had my favorite recipes? “Plus shifting during monsoons means taking extra care of the books” he reasoned.  “You hardly use the toolbox yourself” I replied. We both looked at the goods occupying the corner of our study room, each thinking hard of a good argument to one up each other.

Later that evening, still upset with my husband, I started browsing the Internet for a few movers and packers. Suddenly, I came across a service called Boxmyspacethat offered a simple and secure storage solution. I had heard from a few friends abroad, who use similar services to store their belongings and clear up their homes and offices. I decided to explore more. I read a few testimonials of satisfied customers and decided to order one box online from “Boxmyspace” to try the service. The entire process of ordering a box & scheduling a preferred time for pick up was available online. My mood lifted a little at the thought of securely storing my books instead of discarding them.

The next day, I feigned headache and applied for leave. Around mid afternoon a 3 sq. ft. box arrived at my doorstep along with an inventory sheet. The helpful representative explained that customers could make a list of items they place in the box, which is then closed after taking a top view picture. I quizzed him about how would they recognize my box amongst the others. He smiled and replied that the top view picture comes in handy while tracking individual boxes- smart :)

I packed my books and magazines and few other goods that were not required for a few months along with the toolbox and placed them in the box. Once the box was on its way, I went back to peep at my study room and smiled.

The corner that was entirely hidden due to our items was now looking empty and spacious. I decided to give my husband a nice surprise- a reading corner!! A comfy rug, a corner stand and a few knick-knacks and my reading corner was ready. Suddenly the doorbell announced the arrival of my husband, who was still miffed about our argument the previous day. I waited for a bit and asked him to peep into our study room. I had lit a tea-light to add a little atmosphere to the reading corner and he was overjoyed. But then he remembered his toolbox (what’s with men and tools!!!)

I placed a cup of coffee in his hands and showed him pictures of his toolbox being placed safely in the Boxmyspace box. The concept of a unique storage solution that Boxmyspace offered appealed to him and he applauded me on my quick thinking.

 A few days later, my friend Ria and her husband Raghav, came over for dinner and complimented us on our spacious study room. I revealed our little secret to them and couple of days later, Ria sent me pictures of a quiet corner she had created by De-cluttering her space with Boxmyspace....Not only we had found an on-demand storage solution while being in the precarious situation of being between homes, we had also spread happiness amongst our friends. Space- in the city of Mumbai as you know, comes at a premium.


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