5 Easy Tips for a Beautiful You!

Women are often caught up somewhere- in their jobs, at home, with children & families, daily mundane chores.....the list is endless!! And in the process of getting it all right, they often tend to put themselves on the back burner and neglect themselves.

And if you are one of them, don’t do that !!!

You are important !!! As important as your job, as important as your child, as important as your partner and at par and as important as anything important :)

There.....we said it!! It's hard to be a woman- you have to think like a man, act like a lady and work like a horse and look good too. So why not look for some easy tips to sparkle and shine everyday?

Fashion Tourist lists 5 easy tips for a beautiful you:

1. Look & Feel good / sexy at all times

Feel good about yourself & see how the world around you changes. And no you don’t have to splurge for this, but just dressing up well, wearing your favorite colors, applying some lip gloss & kajal can go a long way in order to feel that way. So look good at all times & feel ecstatic.

2. Exercise

Research proves that exercising regularly not only improves our fitness levels but also improves our mood & boosts our energy levels. So jump into a regime that excites you (and obviously suits you). There is so much to choose from – Gym, Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, Pilates etc etc. And if you don’t have the time, look up on the web for videos which show you exercises which you can do at home, you will be surprised to see the kind of exercises you could do just by yourself with a floor mat. So no excuses for not working out :)

3. Invest in good make – up

As much as brands and make – up companies tempt women with their latest offerings and colors, just investing wisely in a few products should be enough to enhance your look … so always keep at least these basics with you & you are good to go

a. good Foundation / BB cream
b. Eye Liner
c. Kajal
d. Lipstick/ Lipgloss (whichever you prefer) in some of your favourite colours

4. Hang out with good friends 

It is important to have fun. Period. Having fun is important to our mental well being & having fun alone is not easy. So meet your friends, go out with them, have a laugh. Its great for you.

5. Eat right

Stay healthy, eat right. We all love food, food = happiness for all of us, so no harm eating, but eat correctly. What you put inside your body will show on the outside, so fix the intakes and you shall radiate with some lovely effects

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