Rice Water For Hair: Does It Work, Benefits & Side Effects

Name one common ingredient that completes a meal across India, Japan & other South East Asian regions? Yes, rice is a correct guess. A staple ingredient across Indian kitchens, it can be used to rustle up easy meals. Look here for some inspiration. Besides, consuming the grain in moderation has many health benefits. Although, the internet has been buzzing about using rice water for hair growth, let's also know more about the benefits & side effects of using rice water for hair. Do remember that natural remedies do take time to show results & have to be done consistently. Equally important is to NOT overdo them.

Does rice water stop hair fall:

Say yes if you have experienced hair fall recently. Although, it may be caused by factors like pregnancy, diet or lifestyle, our trigger has been the current Covid-19 situation. Erratic meal times, working from home & increased household chores may lead to common hair disorders

Many studies show that inositol, a carbohydrate present in rice water helps repair damaged hair. Moreover, application of rice water on hair helps improve hair elasticity & reduces breakage. Using it after your regular shampoo helps de-tangle hair. In addition, the starch present coats the hair & imparts a lovely shine.

How to use rice water for hair growth:

Research has not directly proven that rice water helps in hair growth. However, a few studies say that the amino acids present in rice water may help in faster growth of hair. Additionally, the Vitamin present also helps in hair regeneration.

Here are some easy ways:

Soak a little amount of uncooked rice in 2 cups of water for 45 minutes. Do take care that the rice is cleaned & devoid of any chemicals. Strain into a clean container & use it to rinse hair after using your regular shampoo. Alternatively, store in a spray bottle & keep in the fridge till required. Stays good for 2 days.

Cook rice with little extra water on a gas stove. Strain & reserve the extra liquid. Cool & use to rinse hair. Add a few drops pf lemon or lavender essential oil for added bliss

Fermentation method- this method enhances the anti oxidant levels in rice water & helps provide added benefits to hair. Reserve the rice water liquid obtained after soaking method. Store in a clean container for a day in normal temperatures. This helps ferment the liquid. Use it to rinse hair the next day. Do note that this liquid may have a stronger aroma.

Side effects of rice water on hair:

Although there are no documented side effects, using it everyday is not recommended. Moreover, it may cause irritation on a sensitive scalp, so do a patch test beforehand. If you are looking for some easy remedies to keep your scalp healthy & cool, click here

Can I leave rice water in my hair overnight:

Rice water in left in hair overnight may ferment & cause irritation in the scalp. Hence, the safest way is to rinse hair with rice water after your shampoo routine. Moreover, do apply your regular conditioner.

Does it really work?

We have been using rice water to rinse air for a week. We have noticed a marginal decrease in hair fall. However, hair does look shinier & lot more glossier.


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