Get Your Hair Summer Ready with B'Blunt India

So I have this lovely hamper from one of India's leading salons - B'Blunt. The hamper consists of 4 products, all of which take care of the "everyday hair care regime" very well - a shampoo, a conditioner, a dry shampoo and a hair polish ... so lets start with the shampoo

Perfect Balance Shampoo for normal to dry hair

The first thing I make note of in a shampoo is the fragrance. The fragrance should make me feel like as though I am in a spa or a salon. There's really noway to check how a product like a shampoo is, without trying it out yourself (unlike lipsticks & other cosmetic products which offer testers).
The Perfect balance shampoo does well in that department. It smells amazing and very refreshing.

Since the shampoo is for normal to dry hair, it covers a good range. I used it twice - once on oiled hair and once on a regular day for hair wash and both the times the results were good - no frizz, no hair fall and no dryness

It lathers very well; I like shampoos which foam enough to cleanse off the oil and bring the feeling of freshness. The consistency is medium which is good, its neither too runny nor too thick to flow out of the bottle easily.

Overall a good shampoo.

Perfect Balance Conditioner for normal to dry hair

The conditioner does its job of smoothening and moisturising the hair. I got back from overseas this week and my hair were a royal mess and terribly dry. I think I am pretty happy with the results after using this conditioner. Plus the product is pretty light. One doesn't really feel the heaviness after the wash

The consistency is good and not heavy unlike other conditioners.

This is my look (post shampooing and conditioning) - on the left immediately after wash  and on the right an hour later.

Spotlight Hair Polish for Instant Shine

This product is supposed to be a friend on bad hair days. It is designed for days when hair look dull and lifeless. So you have to spray the product all over your hair and it instantly gives your hair the shine they need. Tried the product and here are the results; though I must add that the effect it will have on each hair type will be different.

Back to Life Shampoo for Instant Freshness

This is not a daily use product. It is handy incase your hair look oily, sweaty or you've just not had the time to attend to them. Just spray it on your hair the way its instructed on the bottle and it will give your hair some volume and shine.
No its not a hair spray, its just a shampoo on the go, a product you use to cleanse your manes on days when you've just not had the time or been simple lazy.

Both these bottles (Hair Polish and Dry Shampoo) are light weight and easy to carry. So if you lead a busy life or are crunched on time, you can carry any of them in your bag and use them anytime during the day.

I am not much in favour of blow drying / ironing or using any hot tools on my head for the fear of damaging my hair and hence rely on good hair products to keep my tresses in place.

On the whole I am happy with the above products and will definitely recommend them to my friends.
One would imagine them to be very expensive but I was surprised to see the prices - the shampoo at INR 550, conditioner at INR 375 and the other two products at INR 550 each. Pretty reasonable according to me.

Do let us know what do you think in the comments section below

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