Look-Book: 5 Easy Summer Looks For The Pretty You!

It already feels like the beginning of summer here, and I’m preparing myself to wear crop tops skirts and summer dresses this season. Most of my styles are pretty easy-going! I have a couple looks that are more casual.

Basics will always be my top favorite pieces to wear/invest in/re-wear. Basics just make more sense.

Here are some of my favorite ones from the photo-shoot. It’ll help show you how you can style a basic crop top… yes! You can wear them anywhere!

Top: Forever New
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Forever New
Jewellery: Forever 21

Moving on to my outfit… I love to mix a bit of pastel colors into my looks. Something about throwing on a pair of chunky jewelry to not only dress up but always gets brownie points in my book. I can always rely on a denim jacket and statement necklace to do the trick too…. the tricky part however is styling them with either heels or sneakers? I say heels -  since it’s a more feminine and chic.

Top: Forever New
Skirt: Forever 21
Jewellery: Minerali

Tip: Try to keep everything neutral so that your pop of color really complements the whole look! Play with different textures too!

The open hair look definitely eased up the overall look - it’s been my favorite hairstyle to do when I don’t know what else to do with it! So easy and looks so pretty!
Love finding a right balance between hair and my wardrobe! #whenhairmeetwardrobe

You can’t have a Forever New dress missing in your spring wardrobe! It’s adorable and I love the floral pattern combined. The pop of floral in the dress definitely brightens up the look! I’m always on the hunt for sandals and these are right up my alley! I love the green color… These sandals are the perfect summer staple.

Dress: Forever New
Shoes: Forever New
Bag: Espelho

Below are some of my favorite looks I styled!

It makes it so much more easier to dress up for a formal dinner when it’s pieces like this adorable Zara dress. It’s a basic that will always be in season, year after year. It’s easy to wear, it’s versatile and I’d say it’s a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe!

Dress: Zara
Shoes: Forever New 

Wonder what staple pieces a girl should have in their wardrobe? There’s a handful of items to always have. One of the key pieces is bags.

Left: Armani
Right: Espelho

SHOES– Heels are always a must. I prefer a nice pair of flats or a colorful pair of heels. You can always wear your heels to shows/parties and switch out for flats when going to and from locations. Nowadays there are so many amazing styles to pick from.
Forever New for the amazing shoes!

BAGS– I always makes sure to carry a small cross body or a tote. It is good to have a cross body that works with your outfit, that way if you are in a photo you can put the tote down and still look put together.
Espelho and Armani for making me carry pretty bags.

Cell Phone– SOOOO important! Just don’t ever let your phone die!


1.Facial mist will be your best friend when walking around. This will hydrate your skin, cool you down, and give you a nice glow.
2.Don’t forget a lip treatment!! Whether it’s something clear or something with a bit of a tint, you want to make sure you have something to constantly reapply throughout the day.
3.Travel sized perfume will definitely need to be in your bag. It is a great way to continuously freshen up.
4.Hand sanitizer will be your best friend! Go with a cute color or pattern to make them more of a statement than a regular.

Any shoes or bags you girls are eyeing for this season? Share! I always want to know what other people are into.


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