Make - Up Do's When You Really Do Not Have The Time

Having all the time in the world to dress up, style, accessorise and do make up, is an ideal situation and of course a very delightful process to indulge in. But sometimes realistically speaking that does not happen and one needs to be "party ready" in just a few minutes.

So next time you are getting late for an event out or have been summoned by your friends at a short notice, just follow some of these pointers and you would be good to go :)

1. Keep a Foundation / BB Cream (anything for the base) handy

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Nothing is more attractive more than a healthy, glowing skin. A good looking skin tone is in itself a fantastic look. So just dab some foundation or a BB cream that matches and suits your skin the best. If minimum makeup is the agenda, then with this one and only step, you are DONE !

2. Lip Colours

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Just that one single stunning lipstick shade can be the star of your look. Simply splash some colour from a Lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm ... you choose !!!  Sometimes a bright shade like a hot pink or a dark shade like blood red is all that you need. 
Likewise neutrals & nude shades do an incredible job :)

3. Highlight your Eyes

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Eyes have a language of their own. Accentuate them with some black kohl and outline the upper lids with a liner. You can also get creative and use coloured pencils. Using some eyeshadow colours is a good option too. Finish off the look with some coats of  mascara ... that hardly takes time.

4. Contouring & Highlighting

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If you have practiced this earlier then the process wouldn't take more than 2-3 minutes when you are in a rush.
Adding some pink blush on the cheeks lends a very fresh look to the face.
Also applying bronzer on the sides of the cheeks gives the face a very chiseled look. Likewise highlighters help enhance the high points of the face.

Hope these help :)

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