Coming Home to LeEco Super3 X65 4K Smart TV

A relaxing peaceful evening at home with your favorite show or music playing on the TV set is one of life's simplest pleasures. I love the time I spend after a hectic day watching re runs of my favorite shows, current affairs, grooving to music, playing games...that's my "me" time. In the limited time that my busy schedule offers, bonding with my TV set is my favorite activity. For me a TV set is not just a medium of passing time but a powerful tool that offers wholesome entertainment to the entire family.

Having shifted to a new home that boasted a larger space than my previous abode generated a need for a bigger TV screen. I looked around but was confused with multiple TV sets vying for attention. I was searching for a smart TV that would seamlessly help me use apps, watch internet content, indulge in gaming, browse internet with a large screen at an affordable price tag. In short, I wanted a Super TV. Phew!!! Long list, right? No not really, but futuristic indeed.

I was intrigued by the buzz around LeEco Super3 TVs and decided to give the Super3 X65 a try! I chose to mount the slim metal frame of the Super TV on a "cloud base" that lends an elegant touch even when the TV is turned off. It looked like the TV was resting gently on a cloud!!! :) The minimal bezel lent a feel similar to a mirror installed on an artistic stand and I could hear appreciative murmurs from my family. On the left hand corner the Le TV logo glowed softly as I turned the TV on expecting a superior entertainment experience. The easy to use SuperRemote 3 with four-direction navigation buttons has channel keys, volume keys, confirmation button & other keys like "screenshot" & "mic input". The remote can also be used as a game pad or an air that is fun!!! 

LeEco Super3 X65 has conveniently located multiple purpose ports including HDMI ports on the right hand side. Apart from this, the TV is also equipped with Bluetooth & WiFi. I quickly connected my Bluetooth speakers to check & was connected with ease. The Super TV came to life amidst a plethora of vivid images & announced 3 modes on the screen- Input, Live & App mode. What followed next surprised me!!!

The Super3 X65 is not just a TV but a complete content ecosystem. Apart from my regular channels via DTH that showed up in the "Input" mode, the "live" mode invited me to watch content from many domestic & international channels-LIVE!! I just had to connect the standard internet connection at home & voila!!!! a world full of interesting content was available at the comfort of my home, that too on a big screen!!

And wait for the best part. The 4K ULTRA HD display made it possible to see minute details & vivid images that differed a bit on the "Live" mode as they depended largely on the quality of the channel streamed. The "app" mode was a boon for a me with "Eros Now" being a hot favorite among all at home, well who does not like watching their favorite Bollywood movies for free?

The LeEco Super3 TV series come with a 2 year membership worth INR 9800/- that allows users to enjoy content across various genres for free! No wonder, one day I walked into my living room full of Ma's friends watching a Bollywood movies over popcorn!!! It was a pleasure to sit down & enjoy a favorite movie on the Super3 X65 's LED panel that immersed us completely with its crystal-clear clarity. The wide viewing angel of the TV ensured everyone seated around the room enjoyed the same picture quality.

I love watching music videos on LeEco Super3 X65 as its booming audio quality equipped with premium sound technologies like Dolby Digital offer an amazing acoustic experience. Also, everyday I can't resist but take a sneak peak at my own blog after pairing it the Super 3 with my smartphone.

Instead of being packed with features that confuse, LeEco Super3 X65 offers smart features that entertain & engage users.

The smart TV runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop & is extremely easy to use. If you love wholesome entertainment LeEco Super3 X65is the most affordable big screen entertainment in the market today! Priced at INR 99,970/- this Super TV is available via  flash sales on Le Mall & Flipkart.

With my new LeEco Super3 X65 4K Smart TV....I love coming home to some "me-time".

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