10 Basic Make Up Items For Beginners To Build Your Vanity Kit - Keep This List Handy

There are women who just love make up. In their passion coupled with enthusiasm they lovingly create their own little world of vanity.
Then there are women who have never really indulged in the world of cosmetic beauty, but would love to give it a shot at some point in life. They just want to know where & how to get started.

Like any other form of art there's no end to perfecting the craft, but just like any other art itself taking small baby steps is the first move in the right direction

So here are some items to invest in if you are a beginner at makeup & want to make a small kit for yourself.

1. Face Primer

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The primary function of a primer is to hold the foundation well and help the make up last longer.

The consumer today is spoilt for choice because with so many brands out there, the options available are plenty. There are primers for hydration, mattyfying, brightening so on and so forth. 
Invest in the one which works closest to your skin type / needs and apply it before you start your face makeup.

 2. Get The Right Concealer/ Foundation/ BB Cream

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For starters - Foundations & Concealers provide coverage & a certain degree of evenness to the skin.

However,  choosing the correct shade of foundation & concealer is critical. A wrong shade could make your entire makeup look flawed hence invest sometime in picking the correct/ exact shade. Take help from a friend if needed or ask the beauty advisor at the shop to assist you.

Buy a foundation/ concealer or a BB cream best suited to your skin tone and colour. A good product will take care of marks, any spots or areas where you want coverage. 
Please know that the purpose of using a foundation is to enhance the look of the skin and not change the skin colour. There's no bigger makeup blunder than a mismatched foundation.

3. The good old Lipstick/ Lipgloss

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There are shades for every woman; colours which look good during day; others which stand out in the evenings. Sample a few colours which make you feel and look good. There are several finishes to choose from - matte, frosted, glossy, creamy, semi matte and so on.

Choose something that brightens up or compliments your face. Good lipsticks will never disappoint :)

4.  Kajal / Kohl Pencils

Image Courtesy: www.chambor.com

The love for Kajals especially in the Indian culture goes back by centuries.
Even today in some cases, this is the only makeup women apply. Kajals are one of the best ways to accentuate the eyes. The application is not one bit complicated.

Apart from black which will never go wrong, you can also indulge in some coloured varieties. Almost every brand has a collection of very funky and vibrant tones. You will be delighted to notice counters filled with varied shades of greens, blues, purples and metallic colours, some of them just waiting for you :)

You are spoilt for choice ... once again :P

Click here if you want to see some Kajal application styles.

4. Eye Shadows Colours / Palettes

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Eye makeup is a mini - world in itself in the larger world of makeup. Internet (especially Youtube) is flooded with tutorials on how to work around with eye shadows.

However for starters, just a few swipes of colour on the upper eye lids is good enough. Once again, variety is the name of the game. Choose colours that best suit you or you think you can carry off confidently.

If you want to learn some simple tricks & techniques, click here & subscribe to our youtube channel. We have broken up all makeup looks into simple, easy steps for you to follow.

5. Eye Primers

                                         Image courtesy: www.sephora.sg

Should you decide to opt for heavy eye makeup looks, then an eyeshadow primer will help. Oily eyelids could form creases and possibly create a mess. Hence apply an eye primer first. It helps in keeping the colours intact and saves them from running or smearing.
Please note - eye primer is different from a face primer, unless specifically mentioned on the bottle :)

 6. Top with Coloured Eye Liners

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There are innumerable styles of applying eye liners with of course, colour black being the chief, safest and the best colour to start with. A neatly applied eye liner is a complete look in itself. Practicing these applications in free time is the best way to up your skills.

7. Curl it up with a Mascara

Image Courtesy: www.sephora.sg

Mascaras magically make the lashes look darker, longer, thicker and open up the eyes. Probably the easiest makeup item to apply; it that requires no practice :)

8. Blush it up

Image courtesy: www.pixabay.com

Blushes tend to look better as they settle into the skin over the next few hours after makeup. Just swipe a very small amount on the cheeks for a fresh and a happier look.

Click here for a blush & a highlighter tutorial 

9. Make Up Tools

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Basic Makeup Sponges and a few set of brushes are good to start off with. Your fingers too make the most amazing makeup applicators. You could also consider purchasing a beauty blender. Over a period of time as you will discover what works for you, you will be able to decide the kind of tools you need in your kitty.

10. Makeup Removers

Image courtesy: www.innisfree.com

Lastly, keep something that helps remove makeup. Items like makeup wet wipes, makeup removal solutions help in doing the job. Read the instructions on their packaging properly before usage and ideally always wash your face after using them.

The items mentioned above should give you a good start in terms of having a basic kit.

Let us know your views in the comments section below

Stay happy, stay colourful :)

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