7 Make Up Items For Beginners

There are women who just love make up and in that passion and enthusiasm they experiment and create new looks.
Then there are women who have never really indulged in the world of cosmetic beauty but would love to give it a shot at some point but don't know where and how to start.

Like any other form of art there's no end to perfecting the craft, but just like any other art itself taking small baby steps is the first move in the right direction

So here are some items to invest in if you are a beginner at makeup

1. Brighten it up with some Concealer/ Foundation/ BB Cream

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The world of Ayurveda, home remedies and cosmetics, shout out loud the benefits of good skin in all possible fashion magazines, newspapers and online space. A good skin and an even tone not only lays the canvas for makeup but sometimes is just enough in itself to create a finished look.

So buy a foundation or a BB cream best suited to your skin tone and colour. A good product will hide any marks, dark spots or imperfections. Just like a moisturiser, apply it evenly all over the face.
Ensure that the colour of the foundation/ BB cream matches your skin colour. There's no bigger makeup blunder than a mismatched foundation.

2. The good old Lipstick/ Lipgloss

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There are shades for every woman; colours which look good during day and some which stand out in the evenings. So go lipstick shopping one day and sample a few colours which make you feel and look good. There are so many finishes to choose from like - matte, frosted, glossy, creamy, semi matte and so on. Choose colours that brighten up or compliment your face. A good lipstick buy is definitely a good start.

3. The fuss free Kajal 

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The love for Kajals especially in the Indian culture goes back by centuries. In some cases, this is the only makeup women apply. Kajals are one of the best ways to highlight the eyes and of course the application is not one bit complicated.

Apart from black which will never go wrong, you can also indulge in some colours. Almost every brand has a collection of very funky and vibrant tones. You will be delighted to see counters filled with varied shades of greens, blues, purples and metallic colours.

You are spoilt for choice lady :p

4. Sexy Eye Shadows Colours

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Eye makeup is a world in itself in the larger world of makeup. The web world is flooded with tutorials on how to mix and blend shadow colours.

However for starters, just a few swipes of colour on the upper eye lids is good enough. Once again, variety is the name of the game in this business. Choose colours that best suit you or you think you can carry well and have some fun with :)

5. Top it with Eye Liners

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There are over a 100 styles of applying eye liners with of course, colour black being the safest and the best one to start with. A neatly applied eye liner gives an amazing finish to the look. So do practice application in your free time.

6. Curl it up with a Mascara

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Mascaras magically make the lashes look darker, longer, thicker and of course enhance the eyes. Probably the simplest makeup item to apply and requires no practice.

7. Blush it up

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Just swipe a very small amount on the apples of your cheeks for a fresh and a happier glow

So these are a few items you could get started with. Hope these help.

Keep your face clean, moisturised and well hydrated at all times with out without makeup.

Let us know your views in the comments section below

Stay happy, stay colourful :)

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