5 Easy Winter Skin Care Tips.

Winter is coming!

With the approaching dry winter season, many of us start experiencing skin troubles. Our skin starts getting dry, lips start to chap and the skin around our finger nails starts to peel.

Skin undergoes a lot of change in this season and needs a lot of care. Let's look at some easy winter skin care tips we can follow on a daily basis to keep our skin moist and healthy and to overcome the ill effects of this dry weather. 

1. Hydrate your skin

Just like summers, one must drink plenty of water during winters. Most of us forget to have even 5-7 glasses of water in a day during winters. Take a one litre bottle and fill it with water at room temperature and squeeze juice of any citrus fruit like orange, sweet lime or lime in the bottle. Make sure you do not add any sweetener to it. Drink a litreof this drink every day as it works miracle on skin issues during winters. Citric fruits are a great source of Vitamin C which is very healthy for our skin.

2. Care with a Face Pack

Take one large egg, one Vitamin E capsule (easily available at any cosmetics store or pharmacy) and a few drops of glycerine. Mix all these ingredients and apply on the face for 20-30 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water and apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Repeat this pack after 4-5 days. If your skin feels very dry, repeat the pack after alternate days for about two weeks. It will do wonders for your skin!

3.Soothe with a homemade Moisturizer

Take half teaspoon of full cream milk powder, few drops of almond oil or Vitamin E oil, few drops of glycerine and half teaspoon of fresh aloe vera gel. Mix all these ingredients and massage on the face for 5 minutes or till you feel that it is absorbed on the skin. Dab the face with a towel soaked in hot water. This moisturizer can be applied on the whole body too. However the ingredients must be increased accordingly. You can use this natural moisturizer every day.

4. Rejuvenate with a Weekly Scrub

Take coarsely powdered sugar, few drops of glycerine, half tsp of honey and couple of 2 inches pieces of a papaya. Mash the papaya and mix all the other ingredients. Scrub the face for 5 minutes with this scrub and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and apply a layer of fresh milk cream for 2 minutes. Steam rub the nose and the chin with a coarse towel and dab the rest of the face. Do not rub the whole face with the coarse towel. The rubbing on the nose and chin helps to get rid of  black heads or white heads, if any. You should repeat this once a week for best results.

5. Invest in good winter care Products

Good healthy skin in winters is achievable by investing in good winter care products- a body moisturizer, face cream, lip balm & a hand cream are a must! Try the latest range of products from Neutrogena Norwegian Formula range that consists of a body moisturizer, lip balm and a hand cream.

The Norwegian Formula combines concentrated glycerine and several emollients. Glycerine is known to have multiple beneficial effects on skin. It improves skin hydration by penetrating deep into the skin creating a reservoir of moisture & providing lasting hydration. The Skin friendly range provides protection against harsh winters & helps keep your hands, body & skin moisturized. The lip balm contains SPF 15 so you can smile at the winter sun! Economically priced, the range with its
glycerine rich formula is a must buy these winters!

Skin care during winters is a must as the skin experiences many challenges during this weather. Many people experience extreme dryness on the body and a good routine of cleansing, moisturizing and scrubbing especially with these home-made skin care solutions can go a long way in keeping your skin problem free. Remember, a healthy skin is a healthy you! Follow these easy winter skin care tips for healthy skin.


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  10. Great tips! Yeah Dry skin is especially common in the winter months for me, when the humidity level outside drops. When the air outside is cold and dry, the water in my skin evaporates more quickly; this makes my skin feel dry and tight ����, and makes it look flaky���� Whats your best suggestion for me dear?
    Advanced thanks!
    ____Mira Edorra

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