Dresses to Glam Up Rectangle Shape Body Type Divas.

After the success of our series on blogs regarding dresses for inverted triangle and column shape body types, here comes the tips for the dresses suitable for rectangle body shape. Rectangle shape is most common among women worldwide. It means your silhouette is fairly straight up and down with slight masculine legs. Most of the models are of this shape. Or if explained simply, this type of body has shoulder width, waistline and measurement around the hip almost equal. Waist has less than or equal to 4 inch difference from bust and hip measurement.

Benefit: Easiest figure to dress as most clothes fit them.
Challenge: Creating more curves at waist

Lets Look at Some Dresses to Glam Up this Body Type:

A Line- To create that artificial curve at your waist it is best to opt for a A Line dresses that are not too tight at the waist but just shapes itself.

Image Courtesy- keoneulaes.org

Colour Block Dress- Go for colour blocks at waistline as it helps you to create an illusion of curve there giving the look of that perfect body.

Image Courtesy- Altrusa Club of Appleton.
 Bodycon Dress/ Sheath Dress- They are the short body hugging dresses. Having a flatter belly you can carry the bodycon dress perfectly

Image Courtesy- Bebe
Halter Neck dress- Halter Neck beautifies those athletic shoulders of yours for that glam look. So go bold and carry halter neck dresses of any length.

Image Courtesy- Cane Foundation.
Long Gowns with playful shoulders- The latest 2016 trend in vogue is the playful sleeves and playful shoulders. Go for all the drama at your shoulders paired with a full-length gown for occasions like a formal dinner.

Image Courtesy- Page 32 shop
Dresses with Box Pleats- Talk about Girly Lunches or Polo match, these dresses with box pleats will give that feminine touch you long for.

Image Courtesy- keoneulaes.org
•    If your waist is to narrow avoid belts
•    Avoid straight dresses


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