#AbKahan - I have not been everywhere but its on my list

I am a firm believer of the quote “A change of latitude helps your attitude”. My busy routine was building my exhaustion into a crescendo that threatened to explode any day. I decided to take a break. Sometimes sunsets peaking from swaying palm trees are the only things that can rejuvenate. I started researching for ideal getaways but not too far from my city of residence- Mumbai as I had a busy schedule ahead.

My research led me to some very good options about resorts in Hyderabad, a city known for milky white pearls & delicious biryani. The location suited me as it was a comforting two hour flight time (approximately) from Mumbai. I wanted to relax in a picturesque resort with modern facilities to make the most of my getaway making The Golkonda Resorts & Spa an ideal choice. I was delighted as I came across an interesting titbit of information- If history had its way; the resort would be home to the Nizams.

The resort was located near the financial district yet a little away from the hustle & bustle of the city. Spread over 13 lush green acres of land, the resort had beautiful villa rooms with modern amenities. Getaways mean splendid food & indulgence was easy at the resort that boasted of beautiful fine dining restaurant- Jewel Of Nizam & a sleek Ebony bar where I could relax as I sipped on my evening drink.

The highlight though was the Spa with well-crafted holistic treatments that would soothe my over worked nerves.

Dreaming of long walks around the property in solitude & royal treatment, I checked in for the weekend. After freshening up, I stepped out for lunch & blinked my eyes!!! Seated in the restaurant was Pallavi, my friend from the carefree school days. She noticed my presence & broke into a smile so bright, it lit up my day. We chatted seamlessly for over two hours, floating from one topic to another. Pallavi was working with an IT firm in London with a branch office in Hyderabad & was here for a conference.

Over dinner, we spoke about our lives after school & realized so much had changed!!! Pallavi was leaving the next day & we both felt we had much more to tell one another. She invited me to her house in London & urged me to book my tickets instantly!!! With a promise to meet soon, we departed. Next morning, as I stepped down for breakfast, there was a note from Pallavi at the reception. Delighted to be back in touch, she wanted us to meet again & finish our conversations as she chaperoned me around London.

On a whim I started checking on airfares from Mumbai to London. To my surprise, I found attractive fares on Lufthansa airlines & started reading about the city of London. I decided to book my tickets after I read about the personalized service offered by the airline & encouraging testimonials from customers.

Days passed quickly and I looked forward to my London trip in anticipation. The thrill of visiting a new city & reinventing a bond with an old friend was a heady combination. I smiled as I started towards the airport. It was time to make new memories. 


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