In Love with Pom Poms

It was sheer chance that led me to discover the magic of pom poms. They are cute, adorable, colorful & add an element of fun to everything they's not an understatement to say that mos of us are in love with pom poms.

The little baubles of fun that are widely used in home decor & DIY crafts, pom poms have made an irresistible appearance on the fashion scene too. Slowly & steadily they have started appearing everywhere & gained popularity. Top, sandals, scarves, belts, hats & accessories embellished with pom poms are a big hit on the runway too.

Convert basic clothes like tunics or a dress into a fun bohemian outfit by adding a touch of pom poms....yes, these baubles lift up the simplest of outfits. But thread with caution. Do not overdo the magic of pom poms.

The playful embellishments can easily make your look skew towards the unwanted too. I love adding a girlie touch to my outfits & wore a top embellished with tassels recently on my trip to The Great Rann of Kutch.

The white background of Kutch also provided me a perfect backdrop to wear colorful pom pom sandals that have officially become a trend. Pom poms are great when paired with low heeled sandals or flats. I chose flats with scarred multi colored pom poms on the front & lace up ties.

The flats made it easy to walk around the rustic resort where I was staying ( intrigued? know about my stay here) & paired beautifully with a top from Kazo women. I chose a single toned tunic in turquoise blue & added a belt with a touch of pom I said, I am in love with pom poms :)


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