Dresses to Glam Up Apple Shape Body Type Divas

After writing a series of articles on suitable dress types for inverted triangle, column shape and rectangle shape body types, I have been getting calls and messages asking if it’s only for the leaner shapes that dresses are suitable for?? But hey, dresses are for all different body type divas….so girls in the next three blogs we will be covering apple shape (round figure), pear shape (heavier at the bottom) and the hour glass shape.

Let’s talk about apple shape. Apple shape is most commonly known as round or heavy figure and women with this type of figure generally shrug from wearing dresses. Trust me, it can be challenging but not impossible to find that perfect dress for you….and the below guide will help you to find one to look slimmer and taller

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The dresses which wrap around with tie up, string or any closures on the side are the best ones for you. They not only tailor your mid riff by visually lifting up your bust but also help your arm look slimmer. Also the side closure helps in visually cutting that weight horizontally. And since this closure results in v neck, it helps in making your neck looks longer and slimmer.

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Hanky hem dress is the one with angular or irregular hemline. This dress helps in taking the attention off from your body to the hemline, thus the only thing you have to take care in it is to choose the length of the dress which falls near the slimmest area of your legs. So girls for all those casual brunches experiment with this style.

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This high in trend dress is just for you. This style will help you cover all your belly weight without much of the efforts. Also this dress is the easiest of all to carry. Just pair it with your espadrilles or sneakers and here you are ready to dazzle the crowd.

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For those formal evening dinners it is best to go for long gowns with an empire waist. These dresses hold it tight just under the bust which is normally the slimmest area. Thus it highlights your bust covering those extra inches on your waist and hence balances your frame and keeps those eyes also off your tummy!!

Image Courtesy: IGIGI plus size wedding dresses

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*If you want that edge over the others you can team up that dress of yours with a long jacket but do remember to keep the material of that jacket not body hugging, otherwise it will make you look more fuller.
*Try to choose necklines which narrow down your neck making it look slimmer and longer. V-neck is best suited for you.
* Experiment with belts to find and highlight that narrowest part of your waist and flatter it always with wide and bold belts.


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