Dramatic Turquoise Blue Eyeshadow Look

If upping the vibrancy of your look is an agenda, then including some funky pop of colours is a wise option. It really doesn't matter which brand you use, as long as you achieve and put a great look together.

My focus stays on the eyes for this one, here's the break up of my dramatic turquoise eye shadow look:

For the eyes

I have applied copious amount of turquoise blue from a colour palette of Sephora on my eye lids and blended out with a light brown (from the same palette) on the crease. Finished this off with a moonlight colour on the brow bone for a tad bit of highlighting. I cannot function without my eyeliner and kajal so that makes its way too into this look. And of course there's lots of mascara love for the lashes

Rest of the face

That stays simple. I have applied my favourite MAC Studio Fix foundation on the entire face. A touch of The Body Shop bronzer on the sides of the cheekbones for contouring.
Since there's enough drama on the eyes, any nude or light colour on the lips would work for a look such as this. I have mixed up a few shades from my collection of light lipsticks so I cannot really place my finger on one brand :)

Colours are mood changers for sure :)

Let me know what do you think in the comments section below.

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