New Whisper Ultra Soft Launch Event & Product Review

"Women should embrace their bodies & crate a sense of self-worth in everything they do. We need to be unstoppable & realize our full potential. Women need to feel pride & not shy away from menstrual cycles because we can do something beautiful...we can reproduce & bring new life into this world." These lovely words resonated on International women's day on March 8th during the launch event of the new Whisper Ultra Soft sanitary napkins. Held at the lovely & breezy venue in Mumbai "Tote on the turf" the event celebrated the launch of Whisper Ultra Soft with a bid to encourage women & girls to be truly comfortable in their skin & be unstoppable. Look all around & you will see women doing astounding work, chasing dreams & taking care of families. This needs them to be unstoppable everyday.....even during those five days of the month. The new Whisper Ultra Soft encourages women to do just that. How? By providing a lot more comfort. You Go Girl :D

The event started with a panel discussion by the talented Radhika Apte, Dr. Palshetkar (a renowned gynecologist) & Edit Tilly (senior scientist at P&G). Addressing the beautiful women gathered for the event, Radhika Apte said "Comfort is a factor that matters in a woman's life. We need to feel comfortable not just on regular days but also during those five days of the month." How true!! Dr. Palshetkar stressed on the importance of hygiene & taking care of our health during periods, a point we all agreed unanimously on.

Edith Tilly, senior scientist at R&D center of P&G invited us for a small demonstration & we gathered around her. She showed us the better absorption & liquid lock properties of Whisper Ultra Soft by pouring liquid on the napkin. No matter how hard you squeezed, no liquid escaped from the napkin- a major discomfort faced by many women during periods.

After a brief Q & A session, it was time for some fun photos & bonding with the beautiful women gathered for the event.

We decided to test the new Whisper Ultra Soft so we could experience the comfort the product offers, firsthand. Here is what we found. The new Whisper Ultra Soft comes with a longer length with a wider back that offers maximum coverage & protection. Usually, many women experience rashes with sanitary napkins but we experienced no such discomfort. The napkins are soft, thin & extremely comfortable & offer protection whether you choose to stay indoors & play outdoors :) The fresh odorless pearls prevent any odor helping you feel comfortable & fresh. 
A quick look at the features of the new Whisper Ultra Soft:
-2X softer top sheet & wings that feels extra gentle to skin
-special soft pores that drive liquid to the core where it is locked
-has longer length with wider back for long lasting performance

Know more about the new Whisper Ultra Soft in this video:

So go ahead & feel comfortable in your skin with the new Whisper #UltraSoft. Be unstoppable. You go girl.


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