What We Women Want This Women's Day

"I wish" ... one is never too old or too young to say that. And lets admit it - We feel greedy! Just when one wish gets ticked off our list, another entry quickly makes an appearance in the "wish journal"

So lets talk about what women generally want - the usual list covers a vibrant (and of course sincere) gang of friends, harmony in family, stable or an upscale career and a life of leisure (in any order of your preference). Yet there do remain these little little things we wish for, which could perhaps make our lives simpler and far more entertaining.

Here's a small list of all that our tribe sometimes secretly desires & at times openly wants.

1. Just Hog and not Jog

Imagine a situation where one could just binge on absolutely anything without worrying about the consequences. When The Creator constructed our hormones and metabolic systems, he/ she programmed them to expand our bodies with the slightest intake of tasty, not so healthy comfort food. So when the entire world is running towards a fitness regime to combat this directly proportional system of "that much food leading to soooo much more weight gain", we all wish to remain in shape no matter how much we eat and not exercise.

2. Reading Minds

Scientists have concluded that the female brain works harder throughout the day. If a part of that effort goes towards understanding what our peers, colleagues, partners / better halves, bosses or anybody else, think; then a device with message decoders would work very well for us. 
So basically if you are bitching about me in your head, I know it and likewise if you are singing tunes of praises, I know it :)
Could we have an app devised please?

3. To drop our Guilt Quotients like Hot Potatoes

Oh how would we love to say bye - bye to guilt and indulge in what gets us electrified and exhilarated. Like just packing our bags and leaving for a solo holiday without having to bother about dealing with daily matters which need our detailed attention.

4. To Acquire One Super Power

Situations like these would sort us out pretty well :)

- If we could become invisible for one day
- Develop actual wings and fly
- Travel forward/ backward in time
- Develop super human strength 
- Possess the power to heal

Leave the rest to imagination on what could be done.

5. To Taste the forbidden Fruit

If breaking some rules (without any harm) is fun, we don't mind indulging in that process.

6. Compliments make us happy

Whether its for the way we dress up, the way we look or the way we manage our business, words of praises coming our way do very well for the way we feel.

They say - "whisper a wish to a butterfly and it will fly up to heaven and make it come true". Live a life of fulfilled dreams. Happy Women's Day.

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