Get That Pink Flush With Oriflame India's "Very Me"

It is summery as much as it is wintery. It is youthful & funky as much as it is classy. Its just as dressy as much as it is natural. It is sexy as much as it is innocent.

We are talking about the evergreen Pink Blush. Most of you will agree that a hint of pink on the cheeks lends a very healthy, vibrant, radiant and glowing look to the face.

I recently laid my hands on Oriflame India's "Very Me - Cherry My Cheeks" pink blush. Here's what I thought

Packaging: The blush comes in a small round case making it very easy to carry wherever you go.

I have prepped my face with Oriflame's Giordani Gold Long Wear Mineral Foundation, concealer and done up my eyes with my eyeliner and kajal; followed by a light shade of pink on the lips. If you are looking for the perfect pink lipstick for you, here is an easy list

You could apply a blush in whichever way that works for you - with a brush, sponge or fingers. I prefer blush application with a soft brush and thats what I have done for this look.

If a blush colour is too bright for your style, you can always tone it down with some compact or loose powder 

What do you think?

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