Lookbook- 10 Cool Pink Lipsticks

If happiness could be defined by a colour, Pink would do the job perfectly well. Its peppy, cheerful, merry, joyous; considered cute, romantic & charming. Though pink looks great on men too, the colour is usually associated with women and little girls.

Pink is a versatile colour; the shades of which will never go out of fashion.

So lets have a look at the best pink lipsticks you can pick along with my look book of some favourite shades

1. #Chambor Powder Matte, Rose Fresque #156

A very classy shade of pink, not too bright and not too dark, this one just manages to keep the tone of the colour perfect. Very smooth in application and feels very light in weight. And yes this one comes with an awesome fragrance.

2. #MAC Impassioned

Here's a hot pink if one dares to wear it. Its super bright and there's no way that it can go unnoticed. Its a happy party colour and has the ability to elevate a simple outfit look. Make sure it doesn't smudge, its a colour that commands neatness

3. #MAC Mehr

A colour for daily wear, this one makes a good option for summers. The texture is very creamy & smooth. And of course one cannot go wrong with MAC lipsticks.

4. #MAC Twig

“MAC Twig is good friend” … which means that when in doubt, just swipe this colour on your lips and you are good to go. Very day wear and the neutrality of this shade would go well with formals as & casuals, both. 

5. #Lakme Absolute Matte, Pink Me Up

A very happy shade of pink, the kind you would want to wear to a pool party or to the beach. Fairly bright in tone and of course comes in matte finish.

5. #Colorbar Cosmetics Fairy Tale Matte Touch Lipstick

Not very smooth but incredibly long lasting. A great shade for a party or an evening out. A shade like this can also help in bringing some colour to an otherwise simple look.

6. #Colorbar Cosmetics Pink Dream Matte Touch Lipstick

7. #Maybelline Color Show Lipstick Fuchsia Fantasy

Fuchsia (famously called Rani Pink in India) is a great colour to be a part of one’s lipstick collection as this colour works well on Indian & Western wear both. Application wise it is extremely smooth. Just about 2 swipes and you are good to go.

 8. #L'Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipstick, Rose Mademoiselle 4

One of those very girly pink types. The texture is very smooth and soft; glides very easily on applications. Light in weight too. Again, a versatile shade, one could wear it daily  - to college, office and even in formal gatherings where you are fine with just a little hint of colour.

9. #Revlon Color Burst Lipstick, Carnation

A unique shade of pink with a hint of blue in its undertone. It is a moisturizing lipstick hence hydration is not a problem as is the case with matte lipsticks.

10. #Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 36 LA CALINE

Chanel lipsticks come in very classy packaging. You know you are using a luxury brand when you use this one. Very light weight. Its a classy pink nude ... a very safe option if one is pressed for time

So here’s our list of cool #Pinklipsticks … Just keep in mind to keep your lips hydrated if you choose to wear matte finish lipsticks, you don’t want your lips getting flaky and the colours looking poor.

So sport some shades of rose, fuschia’s, magenta’s from the Pink family, embrace the universal colour of love and be a happy lady :)

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  1. Fascinating lipsticks, beautiful hues, the choices are only 10, taking advantage, purchasing all 10 shades should satisfy the most demanding tastes. I am jealous of you women who can adorn their lips with these many colors. Better if I receive some lip color from a kiss of the girlfriend


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