Amp Up Your Style With A Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is definitely one of the most classic looks sported on the eyes. It has stood the test of changing fashion, style, times and continued to remain one of the most vivacious and sort after eyeliner styles among ladies. In art, a basic diagram can be jazzed up and customized for more personalized versions. Makeup is no different. Here's the winged eyeliner with some layers of colors and a dash of glitter.

The brands I used are -  shadow colors from Violet Voss x Laura Lee Palette, Eyeliner by Chambor and Loreal Magique Pencil for the kohl. You can use any brands of your choice to get something similar.

So here it goes - 
While doing looks such as these, I prefer scotch taping the outer corner of the eyes for achieving more definition and a sharper outer V. I applied a generous amount of Gold on my mobile eyelids and blended out with a matte brown on the crease. 

Now this is how I normally do a winged ... I make the centre of my lash line as the starting point and while stretching the eyes a little bit from the sides I start applying the product from the centre of the upper lash line, swinging the brush outwards going in an upward direction towards the temple forming a wing. After filling up this space, I then join the line from the inner corner of the eye to the centre (which is the starting point.)
Alternately you can also start by drawing an outline of the wing along the length go the scotch tape and work your way inwards.

Carefully re - apply a few extra strokes across the entire liner for a smoother finishing. If you wish to amp up this look a little more, outline this eyeliner with a glitter eyeliner. Applying kohl is optional but for a more dramatic affair, kohl on the water liner does wonders.

Lastly apply lots of mascara and a lip color u like. 

Here is a quick video tutorial for perfecting that winged eye liner:

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  1. I can see by your eyes that you have fun loving personality. And , oh my , you like to tease . That little extra mascara , like a musical note gently curved up at the point where eyelid joins the water line ,creates a playfully exotic look. An enchantress on the prowl . Breaking hearts along way . Oh yes I do have so much fun in here , the nicest people share here . Thanks Bhakti for all that you have taught me about how special women are.


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