Embracing Green Eye Makeup This Monsoon

We all dress up keeping the weather in mind. But it is fun playing with a look, keeping the "season" in mind too. When I say "season" I don't mean what is trending on runways or within the fashion circuits, I mean the monsoons which are making our gardens greener and moods calmer :)
Apart from basics such as wearing waterproof makeup, like any other season it is a good time to indulge in some colours. Either rainfall colours or something in complete contrast - Your choice!

In this look I have picked an Olive Green. It is a fairly simple, no fuss look.


I  started with a light shade of green on the inner corners of my eye and progressed with darker shades towards the outer V. I have then applied a shade of cocoa brown across the crease and highlighted the brow bone with a nude colour. Then of course the black eyeliner and kohl followed with lots of mascara.

The key here is blending so continue blending with light strokes across the areas of colour transitions to avoid any harsh lines.

Once this is done, I start with complexion by applying foundation evenly across the face. If you want something lighter, you can use a BB cream instead. I finish the entire look by patting some loose powder on my face and spritzing a setting spray.

I always say that you can use any brand of your choice to achieve any look you desire. Here is what I used:

The Sephora palette for the eye shadows
Eyeliner by Chambor
Kohl pencil by Stilla Cosmetics
HD Foundation by Make Up Forever
Super Matte Loose Powder by Make Up Forever
Mist & Fix Setting Spray by Make Up Forever

Here is a Quick Video of my Green Eye Makeup Look:

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  1. Bahut accha look dikh raha hai, aaj kahin bahar gai to thoda try karungi 😊


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