Complete Your Makeup With 5 - 6 Basic Products

Its never enough for makeup addicts. There is always a newer, fancier product out there on the shelves which they so completely need; despite of owning similar versions of those products. Then there are others who are only keen at developing a basic kit for themselves, consisting of makeup - products just good enough to get set, ready and go.

And sometimes really less is more. One can achieve incredibly fine results with minimum / basic product usage. So here's a small demo on how you can float your boat with just a few elemental products and hardly any time.

Complexion is the Key

Ace your Base with a Foundation.
Always, always, always make sure that the foundation you use is the one meant for you. Which means that the colour, tone & the finish must match with your natural skin tone.
Apply the product evenly on your face. Beauty Blenders, makeup sponges and brushes are the popular options for application and blending. However if you do not have any of these, just dab your fingers. They make for very sound applicators.

If not for foundation, you can also use a BB cream.

Keep a concealer handy to conceal under eye dark circles, blemishes, scars or any other problem areas

Define the Eyes
"Never without an Eyeliner"
It is amazing and almost magical how just one stroke of eyeliner on the eyelids can completely transform a person's look. So do keep an eyeliner on you when you step out. If colour confused stick to BLACK, else the world of colours is your option ... there are countless eye liners out there in such exquisite shades that selecting one should not be a problem.

"The indispensable Kohl Pencil"
This is optional but I know many women, especially Indian who simply cannot imagine a look without some kohl (kajal) on their eyes. So get that going too on the waterline. Sometimes a little bit of kohl is all that one needs.

"Curl up with Mascara"
If you are thinking sexy, then curl up those lashes. Volumnious and lengthy lashes make quite a statement.

The Dearest Lipstick
Now this one is a favourite amongst most women. Young or not so young, lipsticks generally catch everyone's fancy. They not only create looks for runways or parties but are perfect mood lifters and therapists on days when one feels glum. So splash some colour and complete your look

Incase you do not have a separate blush, use some lipstick. They make for amazing blushes. Just dab some product on the apples of your cheeks and blend well for that instant glow.

While you are busy tossing between products, do not forget to lend 2 minutes to your eyebrows. It is usually an ignored area so work your way around them to make them look well groomed.

Let us know if this little list helps

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  1. Bahut acche ideas diya 😊 jab main choti thi to mummy kabhi kabhi lipstick ya sindur se mujhy blush lagati thi 😍😍


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