7 Reasons Why We Love Online Shopping

Haven’t we all enjoyed the comforts of “home delivery” in our lives? The luxury of receiving the items we need, right at our doorstep is certainly priceless. From grocery stores delivering vegetables and household items to chemists delivering medicines, the concept of “home delivery” has been rather convenient.

The world of online shopping works more or less on the same principle. The only difference being that the order is placed on the web, delivery is guaranteed (of course when ordered from a trusted vendor) and one gets to shop at the click of a button from the comfort of their homes. 

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why we love online shopping:

1. For the “Convenience Factor” in our super busy lives
Most of us complain about how hectic our lives are and how hard pressed for time are we to tend to other important things in life. Online shopping brings is much needed relief there. Especially if you know the brand you want and have the specifications, there’s no need to go to a store or a mall to shop. One need not step out of the comforts of their homes or travel kilometers through crazy traffic when they can have the same thing delivered right at their doorstep.

All you have to do is log on to the website, scan or directly select your item, add it to your cart, feed in your address of delivery along with the preferred payment method and BINGO your order is placed … Simple, isn’t it?

2. Wider Choice Of Selection
Have you ever noticed that online portals have a wider variety than actual stores? In fact there are times when stores start promoting their new arrivals and sideline the older stocks. Online portals will still stock a much bigger range of items. This gives the customers a wider choice for selection.

3. Offers, Discounts & Price Comparisons
The offers and discounts offered online are more exciting than the ones you would perhaps see in the malls. So for example, if you look at online shopping for women you shall find spectacular discounts and many extra benefits. Deals like these are a steal. You can indulge a bit without breaking the bank.

4. Makes gifting innovative & special
Urban life makes it difficult to catch up with near and dear ones on their special days and occasions. One way of making up for it is with online shopping. You do not have to go to a shop, purchase a gift, have it packed and personally deliver. Now regardless of which part of the world you are in, you could simply have the gift delivered to your loved one wherever they are.

5. Logistically Viable
Apart from offers and discounts, one also saves on travel costs. Many portals provide free shipping if you shop above a certain amount or opt for a more relaxed delivery period. So yeah like they say – “Every penny saved, is a penny earned.”

6. Return policies
A very big plus of online shopping is the refund policy. Most portals offer a refund in case the purchased item does not work for the customer. On the other hand, a store will at the most exchange the item or hand over to the customer a credit note.

7. More options
An online portal has more options as compared to a store. That’s because they usually have multiple brands under the same roof. You can compare the brands with one another and make an informed purchase. For instance Marks & Spencer India is known for its lingerie worldwide for decades. Any customer who wishes to purchase a Marks & Spencer item can also compare items with other brands in the same category.

So the next time you wish to shop and save time, simply try online shopping and indulge.


  1. Main bhi mostly online shopping hi karti hu, reasons wahi hain jo aapne count kiya 👍👍


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