The Best Local Fashion Designers in Singapore

Singapore doesn’t only have fashion designers from abroad. In the recent years more and more independent local designers have became quite popular. Professional designers in Singapore have proved time and again that they have acquired an unique and distinguishing style. Without any doubt, Singapore has a say on the Asian fashion scene. Read the following info to know the best local brands in Singapore. And you should definitely visit the closest Singapore Fashion Week with your friends. Try visiting if you want somebody for company. 

Unlike many of the modern avant-garde bands in Singapore, Aijek is refreshingly feminine. It is simple and elegant at the same time. The main designer Danelle Woo claims to know women’s most hidden desires. He wants women to be comfortable and beautiful without an effort. Due to this brand ethos, Aijek presents clothes which can be equally suitable for work and weekends. You should check out Aijek’s latest lace maxi dress and embroidered mini-skirt. Like everything else from the portfolio of Aijek it is completely unpretentious. And that is the main benefit of Aijek. You can find Aijek’s ensembles at Singapore stores like TANGS Orchard, VivoCity, Society A, Sarah B, Trixilini, and Nana & Bird.
Beyond the Vines
This brand produces contemporary women’s clothes and is quite popular in Singapore now. Most of their designs are pared down essentials.  You can see flattering contours and soft hues which make the clothes look lively and energetic. Most importantly, the prices are very affordable. You can buy a top for $59 and bottom for $69. It is definitely one of the least expensive Singapore fashion brands which, nevertheless, has no effect on its quality.
Benjamin Barker
Benjamin Barker was found in Singapore in 2009. On the first sight, it sells typical heritage-inspired clothes for men. But looking deeper you might notice essential originality that distinguishes this brand from many others. Consider looking at the collection of dress shirts, custom-made leather brogues, bespoke suits, and many wonderful accessories. Benjamin Barker has elegance, style, and creativity blended together into a spectacular mix.
Biro produces clothes for men focusing on the Japanese aesthetics. Clothes are made from premium fabrics and tailored by talented Japanese masters. Biro doesn’t offer seasonal collections. Instead, it releases new items every few months. Critics call Biro to represent “slow fashion”. It is true that Biro honors traditions while trying at the same time to distinguish itself from dozens lookalikes. Consider trying their silk cotton t-shirts, chambray over shirts, and floral shirts.
Lisa Von Tang
Lisa Von Tang is a head of the multi-label boutique Gnossem and Chi Chi Vong Tang. The designer herself has a mixed German-Chinese heritage. And it can be seen in her recent collection which can be labeled “East meets West”. The brand produces women’s clothes that express the blend of power and sensibility. Recent collection is told to be made for empowered women who like to make a statement with what they wear. Among them are drop-crotch harem pants and mandarin collars.
Finally, this brand is all about minimalism. Unisex clothes by Depression look almost clinical. The colors used are monochromatic. It is ideal for those who want to send a message that they don’t want to send a message. Plain and simple, yet elegant, cutting, and peaceful, this brand offers something other Singapore brands just don’t have. 
Now that you are aware about many local Singapore designers, do make sure to buy something and try it yourself.


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