Contouring And Highlighting On A Regular Day

While what draws most women towards makeup are striking products in the most enchanting colours, there remain some makeup techniques which women end up giving a miss assuming complications :)

Sculpting - which includes contouring and highlighting is one such technique. Though the web is filled with tutorials and demos of how its done right, its good to know that sculpting is not just limited to runway makeup or editorial shoots. It can be adapted and included in the daily makeup regime too. Because all it is going to do is highlight the cheekbones, give an illusion of a slimmer face and very subtly add structure to the face by working on the bone structure.

The first step is to get the base right. Which means prep and prime your face. Apply your foundation and conceal the problem areas. If time is not your friend, then just apply a simple BB cream ... basically anything that gives you a coverage and a base to work with. Once your complexion is done, you are good to proceed with "Sculpting".


Pick a shade in "MATTE" which is 2 - 3 tones darker than your skin tone. I prefer muddy browns for myself.

Identify the area right below your cheekbones and apply the product downwards. Proceed to blending the product well with a brush or a sponge (whatever makes you comfortable) and blend out to ensure that there are no harsh lines. Make sure there is symmetry on both the sides. You do not want your contour lines running in different directions on both the cheeks.

In case you want to chisel out your nose, apply the contour colour on the sides of the nose and blend. Fill up the centre of the nose with a mattifying powder and dab till its settled.

I usually run some contour colour across my jawline too, for a stronger dimension.


Use your highlighting powder/ product on your cheekbones. Just continue dabbing across the cheekbones keeping the area you are working within, in check. DO NOT and really DO NOT apply a highlighter on the apples of the cheek.

Apply a light matte product across the T - zone.

Apart from highlighting powders, even light coloured concealers work as good highlighters. So in case you have picked up a wrong shade which is probably lighter than your natural skin colour, fret not :) ... Use it as a highlighter.

Apply a Finishing Powder towards the end works well in setting the makeup.

And as lengthy as this description sounds, a non - exhaustive, simple technique takes just a couple of minutes and with practice it gets easier. You can sculpt not just for parties or evenings out but also for work or formal occasions.

Hope this video helps.

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  1. Perfect n elegant look, 👌👌 ab aapki tips n trick ko dhyan me rakhungi 😊
    Thanks fir sharing 😊

    1. Most welcome Anita ... Glad u liked ... do try and let us know how it turns out


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